Glenn can’t see how customer service is improving

I missed the Watchdog program on Talk Talk’s diabolical service. Apparently their customer service director was on about how they’re getting things sorted. Glenn begs to differ.

Steve Rescorta (Customer Services Director Talk Talk) needs to be a new Talk talk customer for a day – especially one with a problem that needs sorting out.

Lets see how frustrated he would be when he phones countless customer care numbers, holds on the line for ages at his expense (0845 scam) only to be cut off or fobbed off.

And, when he did get through to a an actual ‘person’, how understanding would he be to be told that there wasn’t a TALK TALK HQ customer services telephone number & that he would have to send a letter detailing the issues – here’s the address Steve – good luck.

Then, once having written the letter, sent it registered post, he doesn’t get a reply after three weeks. When he attempts to follow up the letter & gets no where, endless hours spent on one 0845 number after another he decides to cut his losses and cancel the TALK TALK service altogether and revert back to Onetel – having paid £150 more (over the four month period) for the hassle – only to find that TALK TALK have barred outgoing calls preventing another service provider form giving him an infinitely better service than TALK TALK could ever begin to to imagine.

When I see the aTV ads for TALK TALK broadband it makes me sick. They do not deserve any customers. they have been a nightmare to deal with.

Letters go unanswered, money shelled out for nothing, constant headaches. Yeah, sounds about right.

Talk to Glenn

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