AOL UK, we did warn you.

AOL users, it’s time for you to gather your things and run to BT, or NTL, or any other broadband provider. They can’t handle 600,000 of us, what are they going to do with you? Get out while you can!

Carphone Warehouse has bought up AOL UK for STG370 million in cash, instantly bumping up its broadband customer base by 1.5 million.

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The phone company will put STG250 million down with the rest to be paid on an installment plan over 18 months. Last month, the Times reported that BSkyB and Carphone Warehouse were battling it out for AOL UK, and now it seems that Carphone has won out and got itself over 2 million new subscribers, even if 600,000 of them are still using dial-up connections.

Assuming the deal gets regulatory approval it should be all completed by the end of the year, making Carphone Warehouse the third largest broadband provider in the UK, after NTL and BT.

Since offering its “free” broadband service, Carphone Warehouse has had 625,000 applications, and now has 421,000 connected subscribers, but this acquisition ups the ante considerably.

Like they haven’t suffered enough.

AOL UK finds a home in Carphone Warehouse

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