Alternative webmail options

Since going through pages and pages of your horror stories regarding Talk Talk e-mail, I just haven’t even bothered trying. I have a few GMail accounts, a few Yahoo! accounts and a kittymail account I use specifically for potential spam.

One of our readers has written in to tell us about bluebottle as an additional alternative.

I too am coming exasperated with TalkTalk failure to log on despite numerous attempts. I have given up on their webmail and now use Bluebottle, which I find fantastic – (no I don’t work for them!). It has many useful feature for the discerning user.

Only one (very slight) drawback, as an American company the timing are in CDT (Central daylight time) which is about 5 hours behind UK. But I can live with that

Talk to Mike

Also have a peruse of Web User’s round up of free webmail services

I have GMail invites if anyone wants one! 🙂

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4 responses to “Alternative webmail options

  1. Jeroen Schrama

    I cannot access ny web mail as talktalk does not allow me to access my email.

  2. I have been unable to log into to webmail for 2 days as it keeps saying theya re doing maintenance ) Thats the 9th and 10th october 2008 in the Uk

    They are using a very bad aol set up which does not work particulary well

  3. Case # 8663478

    Hello Mike:

    Sorry, we somehow got disconnected at 6:45 PM when we were talking on the phone. Hope you are there. I struggled to get an Ethernet cable seated and pushed solidly into the router port #3. I thought it was solidly seated because it was going in with great difficulty. I assumed it was seated strongly but it actually was not. So I risked it and got a screwdriver and pushed it in very hard and then heard it “click”. So, I asssumed I got it finally seated solidly. It was finally sticking out at exactly the same distance as the one going into the other port with a checkmark. I assume now it is correctly seated. It did not show any new lights on the front of the router. I think the Arris modem has one more steady light on it. Only the “Link” light is still blinking and the Telephone #2 light is still blinking. I think the “link” light blinks constantly but the Telephone # 2 light blinking is the problem. I checked the dial tone on my home phone (land line) and is working well. Telephone #1 light is lit but not blinking. Recall: My cell phone is 360-528-0025 and my home phone is 360-915-6353. My e-mail is: Call me but email is OK too.

    Bob Mowrey

  4. Message # 2 to Mike at Netgear.

    Mike: the only thing I can think of doing now is to press the reset button on the Arris modem and then press the reset button on the router. What do you think about doing that? I will not touch anything without your permission. What is your email address specifically? Time: 8:00 PM.

    Bob Mowrey

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