This is my vision of hell.

I’ve only ever purchased DVDs at Best Buy, having heard many stories of their suckiness in and around the Internet. I’d rather avoid hassle with retailers, you know if at all possible. Sadly, I didn’t know what I was in store for with Talk Talk, otherwise I may have done the exact same thing with my broadband.

The news that the Carphone Warehouse plans on dealing with Best Buy isn’t surprising, isn’t out of character and is absolutely terrifying to behold. It’s unlikely that CPW will be pushing in to the US broadband market (in my humble opinion.) Ma Bell’s spawn seems to have pretty much dominated that little money spinner. But Americans are just now getting the hint that texting is good and mobile phones necessary to our modern survival. It’s just whether or not they’ll survive and create a customer service model that Americans actually like.

U.K. mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse Group PLC (CPW.LN) said Tuesday that it has secured two commercial agreements with U.S. electronics retailer Best Buy Co. Inc. (BBY), marking forays by both parties into new territories.

Over the coming months, the companies will establish a standalone mobile retail business under the Best Buy Mobile brand in the U.S. and a home computing customer service business under the Geek Squad brand in the U.K.

A trial period, during which Best Buy Mobile stores will be opened in New York City, is about to commence. No further details about a full rollout were provided.

“The combination of Best Buy’s unrivaled expertise in the U.S. consumer electronics market with Carphone Warehouse’s excellent track record in independent mobile phone retailing across 10 European markets creates a strong skill base from which to make Best Buy Mobile a success,” Carphone Warehouse said late Tuesday in a statement.

There is nothing good here.

Carphone agrees 2 deals with Best Buy of US

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