Roy rattled at being sent to collections

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this story. Roy cancelled the service, then was sent to collections when Talk Talk didn’t fulfill their end of the bargain. Surely cancelling is supposed to be the end? Or at least there should be some transparency in billing?

I think we can justify saying that this is ‘shit’ and Roy had been ‘lied’ to.

problem after problem after problem. add every bad experience listed here together and hey presto you have the talk talk experience.

(i appologise for typing in points rather than a story but id be here all day. and im sure you can understand im fed up of typing and calling today.)

i had the phone service mid last year (not too bad service). and cancelled it in november last year when i moved home.

i didnt have a land line installed at the new address and had no contract period ties so should have been a call and a final bill.

in dec had what seemed to be my last bill, (all seemed fine).

i heard about the free broadband offer and though why not.

i had a landline installed at the new address and ordered it.

after waiting 3 months i had my talk talk line enabled!!!!!

a month later the broadband was on!!!!!

a week later i get my bill for the old account and a court letter.

broadband stoping and starting to the point of impractical and unusable.

i call them and get put thru to india several times on several occasions. on hold/cut off/lots of times over a period of 2 week

they realise i am right about the account and say they owe me money to be credited to new account.

broadband still unusable

new bill arrives month later for old account and bill for new account. no credit on new bill

call/same reply/bill/call/ same repy and so on so on… i now refuse to pay them until its sorted.

broadband on of on off………

i today have a new bill for the old account and my new bill for new account.
what the f***K are they playing at. theyve put the landline on incomming calls only and the broadband is still shite,on off on off all the time……

im to this day still getting monthly bills for the old account for the dates after i cancelled.

yes its logged on their system that i cancelled and they know they owe me money that i paid too much at the time, (well in the customer service dept knows this anyway).


i only have one account but 2 bills (after cancelling old account)

i have spent hours on the phone

ive spent hours on the pc trying to sort the connection

i waited months for the service



i have no phone on the line just the filter and cable and modem.

i have tried several filters and modems broadband still shit (yes its talk talk not 4 filters or £2000 mac or my £1600 PC or my £2000 laptop or my several computers software configurations.



Telling someone their service has been cancelled and their account credited when it hasn’t been… Well, that’s a lie.

Talk to Roy

Edit: While I was posting this, I lost connection. Ahhh.

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One response to “Roy rattled at being sent to collections

  1. Hey Roy,
    you might want to consider taking TalkTalk to court. This is only a good idea if you can prove that you have tried many steps to cancel the account. I was lucky. See what happened:

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