NTL attempts to claw back a market share

Remember! A secret source of mine tells me that NTL are slowly getting rid of their sales support in the UK. It is, unsurprisingly, going to India.

This deal from NTL actually doesn’t sound too bad. Have a read:

Customers will pay £40 a month for the package – NTL’s first to incorporate mobile phones after the acquisition of Virgin Mobile.

NTL plans to rebrand itself under the Virgin name in 2007.

It hopes this will attract new users in what is becoming an increasingly competitive market.

I must say, I like Virgin mobile. I can never use those 845020 numbers but when I was looking, they had one of the best international call rates for mobiles I’d ever seen. Their claim about providing a signal for customers on trains from Manchester to London is yet unfounded. I find black spots all over, though it could just be my ancient phone.

Back to the point though, is NTL worse than Talk Talk?

Is it worth taking them up on their offer?

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One response to “NTL attempts to claw back a market share

  1. When TalkTalk cut me off six weeks ago, I attempted to have NTL cable installed so I could have broadband. After making all the arrangements, they came by when I was out, looked at the length of my drive (40 metres) and decided they couldn’t be bothered. This was after I told them I had a long drive. They never phoned to tell me they weren’t coming and when I phoned them at 11:00 to ask where they were, I was told that they would be there by 13:00. At 13:15 I phoned again to be told I didn’t have the right equipment so they would not install cable. They never explained what this meant and I thought that they installed the equipment. I can only think it was the length of the drive. My father-in-law has Telewest and has had very good service (only one short break in ten months) so the merger of NTL and Telewest is probably not good news. Cabe and Wireless did the same thing to me six years ago which was why I especially mentioned my drive to NTL.

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