As of one month ago, problems with Talk Talk still unresolved

I’m still catching up, after giving Talk Talk’s legal team a bit of time to crawl through the site. I was dismayed to find out that despite promises from Charlie D, the same situation that inspired this blog continues into oblivion.

CHARLES DUNSTONE, chief executive of Carphone Warehouse, claimed earlier this month that the customer-service chaos at Talk Talk, its home phone arm, had been resolved. But scores of Sunday Times readers were still having problems last week — six months after signing up for its broadband deal.

He said: “I’m fed up to the back teeth with it. Last Thursday, when I came to log on I had no internet at all. I spent the whole morning on the phone to OneTel, my current provider, and Talk Talk.

“OneTel said it was nothing to do with them any more because I am now with Talk Talk. Talk Talk said it couldn’t do anything until I had received my modem and installation package — that’s what I’ve been waiting for since April.

“What annoys me most is I’m having to pay Talk Talk £20.99 a month for my phone, which is meant to include free broadband, but I am still paying OneTel about £25 a month for internet access. Yet they are both part of the same company, so I am effectively paying Charles Dunstone twice.”

I think there’s the answer for our Onetel guys.

Absolutely ridiculous. When will we actually get some damned service?

Fury over Talk Talk’s broken promises

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2 responses to “As of one month ago, problems with Talk Talk still unresolved

  1. Roots-and-wings

    Has anyone else expereinced the problems with International Extra?

    When I received my on-line bill for July 2007 I was pleasantly surprised to read that I was being given ‘International Extra (normally £2.50 a month) to my existing TalkTalk 3. To quote ‘You can now make as many calls as you like, at any time, to landline numbers in 36 international destinations (listed below) and you won’t pay a penny extra’. Provided the call does not last longer than 70 minutes it is all free’… ‘no need to dial a prefix’.

    My sons girlfriend lives in one of those 36 countries and so he began to call her home number, each call lasting less than 60 minutes.

    You can imagine my surprise then when yesterday I tried to use my phone to ring someone to be told by an automated voice that restrictions had been put on my phone which could only be removed by entering a card number (I have no idea what sort of card but I assume a cedit card).

    A phone call to TalkTalk Customer Services was useless as apparently they close on a Sunday at 5pm – why is there no 24 hour customer service with TalkTalk in this day and age?

    So first thing on Monday I rang Customer Services to be told that I had exceed my credit limit of £160. My call charges are normally around £10 a month so I guessed there was a problem with the international calls. Unfortunately the nice lady said that she could not access my call details and that I should ring back in 3 days!

    After much persistence and on speaking to a supervisor she was magically able to look at my call records and yes you guessed it, the international calls had been charged to my account. She did not seem to know anything about the letter but did accept that there may be a problem. She promised to look into it and remove the restriction (which some 4 hours later she has not done). She did suggest that I prefix the call with 18418 and that I would not be charged (this prefix is for reduced rate calls to other destinations so again I am not convinced but on the assumption that they record these calls there should be a record of her advice). She also implied that this facility was time limited. Nothing in the letter sent with my bill suggests this.

    I am not yet convinced this matter will resolve itself quickly or to my satisfaction.

    The reason for the post is that others may find themselves in this position and unless you go over your credit limit you may not discover the problem until the August bill arrives.

    Finally am I the only one who has noticed that the TT broadband service has speeded up, I am up to 300 kbps now!

  2. I am disgusted with talktalk. We moved house and transferred talktalk from our old address to our new one but were shocked to find that we had been charged a set up fee for the new address AND a cancellation fee for the old one.
    I could understand the set up fee, but the cancellation fee was a bit too much.
    We contacted talktalk and they told us that this was a mistake and the cancellation fee would be refunded to us within a week.
    One week later – no refund. We rang again and they agreed that the refund should have been done but had not been authorized – it would be with us in a week.
    One week later – no refund!! We rang yet again and were told that we should have had a refund, but it had not yet been authorized – not to worry, we would have the money back in a week.
    One week later – no refund!! We rang again and were told that we are in fact entitled to a refund but it has to be authorized!
    I have decided to take the matter to the small claims court and to ask for bank charges to be added to the amount we are pursuing, as the unauthorized deduction from our account made us overdrawn and we incurred bank charges for the first time ever.
    I have sent copies of the bank charges by fax to talktalk for their perusal (on two occasions) and have the rpintout from the fax machine proving that the fax was sent, but talktalk say they have not received it.
    I complained by email to talktalk using their online complaint form but a week later I have had no response.
    In my opinion, talktalk are in breach of the contract and we should be able to cancel without incurring any cancellation fee, and I hope that other people do the same.
    Talktalk do not deserve to have any customers at all.

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