A plea from a Onetel customer

Colin was a Onetel customer. He knows they’ve been taken over by Talk Talk. He wants to know what’s going on as no one from CPW has deigned to actually inform him.

Can anyone help?

Folks, I don’t know if I can get any answers here…but I’ve been told some of TalkTalks ex managers/employees read this blog…so I’d like to make a posting and see what happens.

I’m currently a Onetel customer (and have been with them now for six years from dialup through to adsl) and like many Onetelers am worried what Carphones intentions are with the Onetel brand.

When Carphone bought out Onetel we were told that all Onetel customers would receive a letter about our future…that was supposed to have happened January last but nothing came to pass.

Since then I and other Ontelers have been in contact with our customer support to find out what they knew…and all we got told was Onetel would continue as it was and there would be no changes to the products or billing arrangements.

Well that seems to have gone to pot as Onetel are now stuck with one product i.e. 2mb broadband, they can’t use their own LLU arrangements and some Onetel customers are now receiving their bills from TalkTalk etc etc.

So it’s now looking like Onetel are slowly but surely being run down and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were to disappear completely by the end of this year.

TalkTalk made some mention months ago that the Onetel product would be rebranded over to their name and it looks like this is now the way things are going…and it worries the hell out of me and other Onetel customers.

We don’t want to be forced over to TalkTalk…we want to get out before it’s too late…but like I say nobody is telling us what’s going on in the background.

TalkTalk you bought Onetels database and you know who 60,000+ of us are…so why don’t you tell us upfront what you are doing with Onetel and not do the dirty on us?

So if any of you ex TalkTalk people do read this can you blow the gaff about what’s going on with Onetel please because we don’t want anything to do with your old employer.

Talk to Colin!

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