Yay! Watchdog!

Yay for the Beeb. Well worth paying a license fee for.

Last night Watchdog picked up on the enormous amount of complaints from customers of Talk Talk.

Any of you guys on the list?

Apparently they’re offering to refund some customers and waive the 70 pound disconnection fee.

Is this the end?

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6 responses to “Yay! Watchdog!

  1. Just want to correct a quick inaccuracy an the show, you won’t get charged for Talk Talk broadband after eighteen months, you’ll just be out of contract at this point. The reason the ASA made them drop the forever part because they thought it implied that you would still get the broadband after you left Talk talk.

    I bunged this comment on Bart666 too.

  2. Hi
    Talk talk promises free broadband no exceptions, no mention of delay to service one connected to their phone line
    Now dispite their customer service agreeing to no charge for all inconvenience caused by them now recived a letter saying I must pay £10 per month as they have not taken over the BT service for my area, now suggesting that I recontact their C.Service again if not satisfied, the very persons causing the problem in the first place

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  4. Well I remember back in September 2005 when I foolishly ordered their WLR (Wholesale Line Rental) service, that they didn’t yet have their own equipment installed in the exchange, so that last 500 metres or so from the exchange to my house would be over BT equipment, and I’d still have to pay BT for line rental.
    They said back then (over a year ago) that they’d soon be able to offer the complete package (no need for BT line rental) but apparently, that still hasn’t happened.

  5. I am on hold to the a$$holes called talktalk trying to speak to a manager or someone higher up than the dimwits in the call centres, due to a letter from a debt collecting agency saying i owe them money!!!!!!!!! I don’t own the a freakin penny…. but do you think i can get through to a manager? Senior advisor perhaps (Yeah right!) Some senior advisor he is when all he does is stutter and has no idea how to handle furious customers!!!!!!
    OMG i am going to smash my phone in frustrastion at these imbeciles!!!!

  6. call centre staff are people too. stop shouting at them and treating them like stress balls . they do a job and have to follow stringent rulls and regulations. somtime that means they cant help you do what you want to do but that is the companys not the persons problem.

    chances are you have never met or spoke to them ever before ,they havent ever come across your account and therefore have nothing to do with you prob . no one has the right to treat them badly just to vent anger.

    be nice and remember you need help and are asking someone else to do somthing for you.

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