Regina wants out of Talk Talk’s arena

She’s paying for service she doesn’t receive. A relatively popular operating system doesn’t appear to be working with their service. So, what do they do? Ignore her requests to leave.

It’s been a while Regina, let us know what happened!

I am about to have a nervous break down. Why and why did I move to Talk Talk? It has been the worst time of my life! Nearly two months without any internet connection. Customer service that can never help you so they transfer you to someone else who can also not help you because they have no power to do so…

I was charged £29.99 for a connection service that I have never received. I paid privately for a IT engeneer to tell me I was right with

all had done for the computer (£100).

The support time kept telling me that the problem was in my computer because it is Apple Mac, I paid £35.25 ti mac support to tell me that it had nothing to do with the computer (I knew that, but was desperate)

I have spent days-hours- of the precious time I should be with my children over the holidays, and had to take time off work to be by the telephone, to sort it out and 2 month on I am still here, pulling my hair out. To transfer to another company I need a MAC CODE it takes 5 days! I have been asking for it since the 22/08!

I should be asking for compensation. I have never felt so badly treated by any other service and knowing at all time that I am right.

I canceled my direct debit to Talk Talk, but this morning I paid for a bill by debit card because I don’t want any bad credit under my name.

DON’T, DON’T, DON’T you ever try their service. Please let everyone know. Pass on the message. I wish I knew. I wish and I wish…

Talk to Regina

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