It was a fine month for the Carphone Warehouse

Brief state of the nation and entertaining news stories bit. I was a little slow with the comments for a while but I’m plowing through again. Sadly even though everything was supposed to have been miraculously fixed by the end of August, you guys are still e-mailing and posting in the comments.

We’ve reached 50,000 hits.

I’m sure you guys know why it’s been a bit slow around here lately.

Just a reminder:

1. Do not claim to be employees of the CPW in the comments.
2. Be careful. Make sure that if your statement is believable and that you can back it up.

Here’s a bit of news that got lost in the shuffle:

Talk Talk slapped for cold calling people on the Irish do not call register:

In June, ComReg and the commissioner ordered Talk Talk, a subsidiary of Carphone Warehouse, to desist from “cold-calling” customers on the opt-out register. They had received 20 complaints about the company.

Talk Talk apologised and blamed the problem on an outside sales agency.

The commissioner has admitted in his annual report for 2005 that the opt-out register is not operating satisfactorily. “One of the greatest sources of complaint during the year was from individuals who had been pestered in their homes by companies seeking to persuade them to change their telecommunications provider,” he said. “Complainants spoke of aggressive and repeated calls, often from outside the state.”

How nice is that?

Times Online

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2 responses to “It was a fine month for the Carphone Warehouse

  1. DID I HEAR CORRECTLY??? Are my ears deceiving me??? Did I or did I not just hear Chuckie Dunstone APOLOGISE on BBC to Nicky Campbell? Halle-bloody-lujah.

  2. Yes, you did!! Chuck Dunstone was out of his depth in that interview, and the bulk of his apology and explanation was gibberish, due to his embarrassment at having to at last own up to Talktalk’s mega problems, which he has no way of putting right – despite his protestations.

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