Carol cynical about the broadband revolution

Carol doesn’t use the Internet for what some of the rest of us do. Ahem. She doesn’t need her speed to be lightning fast. Can someone advise her on how to go about getting rid of Talk Talk with the least amount of hassle and back to the wonderful world of dial up?

You guys all seem so knowing about these things and I suppose my knowlege will improve as Talktalk continue to take my money by direct debit and I continue trying to establish the service I was promised . As one who was relatively happy with dial up provided by one tel ( now taken over by talk talk)my problem now is to get my e mail to work even talktalk cant establish why my pasword will not allow acces to e mail via outlook express.It has done intermittently after a struggle and normally when I hit the close button in discust.

My web access is instant no complaints there & never cut off.

Can anyone of you experts tell me how to revert to onetel using broadband do I just reload the original disc or will that muck up the whole system & if I do that will I then have to re start paying seperately to onetel. All i want is to continue to communicate the way I have become acustomed

Talk to Carol

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