Talk Talk outage 11/9 7:44

I return home, cook my dinner and think ‘I need to update the Talk Talk Hell site.’ I logon and everything is fine for about oh, 30 minutes. Then DNS goes. And now it’s error 721, ‘the remote computer is not responding.’ The light on my modem is blinking (line synch) and I have no broadband.

How I love you, Talk Talk.

One of my coworkers mentioned them as a possible future ISP today. My reaction was so violent as to make them start a bit.

He’s now investigating Sky.

7:48: Still blinking….

7:55: Still blinking, have rebooted PC.

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7 responses to “Talk Talk outage 11/9 7:44

  1. Fed up with Talktalk and after phoning daily to have my BB problem resolved and not getting anywhere, I phoned BT to transfer the line rental which will happen on October 11Th. I have written a letter of complaint to talktalk informing that i have cancelled my direct debit and I want compensation for loss of income and inconvenience, plus a refund of the connection fee and refusal to pay cancellation fee. Has this happened to anybody else as well. Please help I am worried.

  2. ” i have cancelled my direct debit and I want compensation for loss of income and inconvenience, plus a refund of the connection fee and refusal to pay cancellation ”

    Your on a residential account mate, and according to 10.9 of your terms and conditions, you can’t get a refund for loss of service or income, if you want that get a business account.

  3. Wel. .. whever there is a blinking light on the Modem that means there is sum issue with the physical setup at yr end..Make sure u have connected the Filter to each BT sockect in the house…and filter should be the first thing which should go into the Bt socket …Alo make sure that u r nt using any kind of extension cable whc should not be more than 10m…coz when bb signals are weak then cannot passes the extension cable….u can try swaping the filters and also isolate the line and connect yr modem only thru Master BT socket….and yr isue wil be resolved

  4. I am too shocked to type. I need to stop hearing the voices telling me to go down there and kill someone. How do they sleep? I’m am being charged for cancelling the service and my DD’s because the service i ordered does not work and they will not read my mails nor communicate nor answer the phone… nor give me the address in which they all sit and laugh at us. Take me to court then. English LAW rules .. consumer protection, consumer goods, trade descriptions… lifes too short. Say, how about all us 1000,s of peeps club together a tenner and shut them down. likes tooooo short for this.. come back BT all is forgiven…

  5. Hi Sameer,

    Sorry kid, this definitely isn’t a problem with my ‘physical setup.’ I know it can look that way and would make sense if it didn’t happen during peak times on weekdays and not at all on weekends….

  6. I have just logged in for 5 minutes and the server has gone down.I think I have had a miraculous 5 days without this happening so now it’s back to normal.I have to unplug everything and replug everything and if I am lucky it will work for maybe half an hour following this tedious procedure.I have lost work time and it has been a nightmare as other people say of being hung up on and not getting any help from e mails,carphone shops,letters or ANYWHERE.We are waiting for Trading standards comments and the result of the petition on computeractive website before changing ISP .Please join the petition.I do not want to continue paying for a non existent service by direct debit where the whole days of no ISP are being paid for!!!

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