Suzanne sizzling about changing direct debit date

Billing, billing, billing. I understand. At the end of the month my bank account is emptier than my birthday tub of Cherry Garcia. It’s pretty sensible to want to put your direct debit at the beginning of the month. Less hassle for everyone right?

have been on the phone now for 2 HOURS!! arrrrrrgghhhh
all i want to do is move my direct debit date forward by 2 days, so it coincides with the start of the month instead of the end of the month – for obvious reasons!
but can i find anyone who can make that change???!!!!?!?!????!!….. no
being passed from pillar to post, think i’ve spoken to someone from every department.
it seems the only person who can do anything is charles dunstone himself :o/
stupid way to run a business, oh and now the serious complaints team (there are 4 people for the uk – internal phone numbers only, nobody can actually phone them from outside) they cant take any calls until 2.30…..

Can anyone help Suzanne?

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11 responses to “Suzanne sizzling about changing direct debit date

  1. Maybe going into store and asking for help? as someone working in store I have every confidence I’d be able to do a bill cycle change withen 5 mins?

    We’re not just there to get shouted at you know, we do actually help too..

  2. (sorry, just read the rules on comment moderation, dont think my last comment can be posted, so i’ll repost)

    Maybe going into store and asking for help? I have every confidence store staff would be able to do a bill cycle change withen 5 mins?

    They’re not just there to get shouted at you know, they do actually help too..

  3. Hi there again S. Appreciated. I can’t let anything through that says what you said if you get what I’m saying.

  4. i wasted 3 hours of my day on the telephone to these idiots (including ‘serious complaints’ team)

    do you think i going to waste my breath (or petrol) on going to a store to speak with a dumb sales person?? !!

  5. ok so I went to a Carphone Warehouse store – I was bored..
    I was rather forced into it by the fact that a payment had gone out of my bank account even tho i cancelled the direct debit during my last 3 hour conversation with TalkTalk.
    Not much advantage in actually going to the store other than jumping the phone queue, oh and causing a bit of a scene!
    To cut a very long story short:
    It is impossible to change billing cycles.
    I asked to cancel direct debit.
    I paid by credit card.
    End of September they try to take the setup charge (3 months late) by direct debit & i get another bank charge.
    Today on the phone they admit they set up 2 direct debits (even tho i only signed one mandate form!) one for the phone bill and one for the broadband (even tho it is free broadband!!)
    Anyway after another hour on the phone (this time pretty mad) i result in getting an account credit for my bank charge £35 but i still have to pay the setup charge £34.98 because the phone and the broadband departments/systems don’t talk to each other!!!!! aarrrrggggghhhhhhhhhh
    : o S

    To summarise:

    They set up 2 direct debits without telling you!
    They took money off me without my authority!
    They never send me itemised bills as promised!
    I got charged £40 for a modem i don’t need and never asked for!!
    I get a credit refund into the opposite account to the one that has the outstanding setup charge!!!

    Customer Service????!!!!???? non exsitent at TalkTalk. You ask them to help and all they can do is blame the system, and the system says ‘no’
    Hopeless hopeless company – such a good offer; we knew there would be a catch 😛

  6. hi there suzanne, the ridiculous fact is that once your ‘bill cycle’ has been made (its to do with when you started with TalkTalk and there are eight different cycles) it seems to be set in stone. dont go to a store as they will just ring customer services. i’d say ring customer services (if you can bear to) tell them you want to cancel and ask to be put through to the ‘options’ or ‘retentions’ department whose job it is to keep you, say you wont stay unless your bill cycle is changed… could well work!

  7. Suzanne, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve got yourself so wound up over the situation that you would speak of other people in a derogoratory unfair way, I’m sure it has no reflection on the kind of person you are no matter how you comments may seem. May I suggest that you word a letter to talktalk, if you keep corrispondence to text only, I’m sure your letter will find its way to someone who can help – and also avoid subjecting undeservinng people to further abuse?

  8. You guys are talking rubbish sorry. You cannot move your direct debit date its in your terms and conditions, so get a life and stop complaining. Bill cycles are there for a reason otherwise everyone would pay on one day and it would cause chaos, try engaging your brain before ringing us up moaning. You dont want it? go back to bt we couldnt care less.

    You are also talking absolute rubbish about being on hold for 3 hours, the queue for customer service doesnt exist, calls are answered straight away now.

  9. Well Yo, maybe for a few days. But over the last few weeks I’ve been receiving reports of the same old situation with Talk Talk.

  10. Quote from Yo

    “You dont want it? go back to bt we couldnt care less.”

    Thanks for your companies obvious lack of anything like consideration to annoyed customers, anyone reading that quote will NEVER ever sign a talk talk contact. With comments like I’m amazed you guys stay in business.

    By the way, have you forgetten the old phrase the customer is always right?

    You taking money from people and forget that finacial comitments are very very difficult for some people. But you are taking their money, so an occassional bit of flexibility is never a bad thing.

  11. They still can’t change your billing cycle date, I have been waiting 7 months for this to happen. I also have a phone line from Virgin and they switched my dates to the exact date I wanted each month within 2 minutes. Talk talk sux.

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