New comment policy

In response to Carphone Warehouse’s request, all comments will now be moderated.

In addition, I am implementing the following rules:

1. Any comment containing unsubstantiated claims regarding Carphone Warehouse’s policies, or internal workings will not be approved.

2. If you are a member of staff, please do not include this in your comment. Recommendations are recommendations and will be treated accordingly but not as statements of fact. Unless there is compelling evidence that what you say is true, I can’t publish it.

Thanks guys.


18 responses to “New comment policy

  1. For your amusement – My cancellation letter to the Carphone Whorehouse.

    To whom it may concern.

    I am writing to cancel my subscription to your dis-service.
    Firstly, if I’d known at the time of ordering my telephone and broadband from yourselves, that you indulged in the practice of routing your customer-support calls to call centres outside of the UK to cheap-labour centres in Pakistan and South Africa, I most certainly would not have supported your immorality.
    However, at the time I was informed that you only used UK-based call-centres.
    Of course, I’ve since found that to be untrue.

    Secondly, I was told that my broadband service, modem/router and microfilters would be provided within three weeks or so. Four months later, and several calls to your customer-disservice line, my equipment still has not been provided.

    As I had not received any bills from yourselves in the three months that I had been subscribing to your service, I called your customer-disservice centre to confirm my address – Your records did not contain my correct address.
    Once again, I provided the correct address details and still your cheap-labour did not perform with any degree of competency and I finally received a bill – Still incorrectly addressed.

    When, finally, I’d lost all faith in your company and asked Ghita to cancel my account with yourselves, she continued to ramble on giving me more hollow apologies and false promises to deliver my equipment – Totally ignoring my ever-more insistent demands to cancel my account. Eventually, she said that she would need to transfer my call.
    I then waited for another half-hour or more, listening to your recorded lies about my call being important and that you would answer my call shortly.
    At the end of my long wait, the call was simply cut and I found myself listening to a continuous tone and then silence.

    I waited another four or five days (the time quoted by Ghita to deliver my equipment) before I then called back – Of course, my equipment was not delivered, so I’d decided to continue with my action to cancel my account.

    The person on the other end of the telephone (Waquas – Rhymes with Jackass), responded with laughter when he entered my details into his computer and when I informed him that I didn’t much care to be laughed at – He said that he wasn’t laughing at me, but was reading the notes written on my account. I’ll remind you of the Data Protection Act and hereby demand that you submit to myself, all of the records and details that you have on your system pertaining to myself. If after receiving such information, I feel that you have not fully complied, I will instigate an investigation of your adherence to the aforementioned act.

    When I asked Waquas to effect a cancellation, he said that he could not do so, but that I would have to dial another number – Which he then read out to me.

    I tried the number he provided several times, and I even attempted a selection of different permutations of the number, just in case I’d copied it down incorrectly – However, I am quite used to taking very detailed information over the telephone and the chances that I had copied the number incorrectly are slim. The number provided was bogus.

    The next day, I received a bill, from yourselves, stating that you had taken 45 pounds from my account via direct debit.

    You had no right or entitlement to that money. That sum was in ADDITION to the amounts recently taken out for provision of telephone service and the bill indicated that you were about to take a further ten pounds from my bank account.

    You have been taking money from my account – Without notification, permission, or right. This is commonly known as THEFT. Despite Waquas’s claim that a manager would call me and refund the money taken from my account, this has not happened.

    So, I called my bank and gave them strict instructions to block ALL attempts from your company to steal any more funds from my personal account.

    This means that my mobile phone insurance policy with yourselves will also no longer be paid and I am quite happy to tell you that I consider that account likewise CANCELLED.

    You may rest assured that I will forward details of your company’s activities to the Department of Trade and Industry, OFTEL, numerous radio stations and newspapers, BBC WatchDog and various websites.

    You can also take note that as you act like a prostitute who steals money from the wallet of a sleeping client, you have rightfully earned the nickname Carphone Whorehouse.

    You will be receiving NO FURTHER MONEY from myself as you have already taken much more than your entitlement.

    I’d like to add that my bills with yourselves have been far in excess of those with BT and according to the wording of your marketing solicitations, you owe me 1000 pounds.

    Finally – You have NOT been charged for this communication, however, should I find it necessary to deal with your company again, you will be charged 25 pounds for administration.

  2. Fantastic! An entertaining read.

  3. Oh how I laughed! Brilliant read – hope you did send it on to Watchdog – they are investigating now, you know….I suggest you ring them up, they will e very interested in what you got to say.

  4. Please don’t bend over too much for those guys.

  5. Well as a new ex- employee of Dial in Cwmbran which had the CPW contract to deal with the numerous complaints- sorry customer care queries I have to point out the following:

    First off I am saddened to see that CPW are that paranoid about their public image that they have to try to lean on a site that is putting across the publics views on a company – oh and if they really wish to improve things it might be better to oranise the callcentres to actually deal with the complaints and queries in a reasonable time rather than covering up the initial problems.

    Secondly I am prepared to back up any comments I make about CPW/Dial who had the inbound call contract and still have the sales contract in court if need be, so lets see them cow tow me.

    We were told to advise customers that a supervisor was never available – in breach of ofcom regulations – and if in doubt to pass any old number across to customers and it would not matter as could not be traced back to the agent resonsible.

    Shame that you have had to take the Talk Talk Hell logo down, might be worth reconsidering that an popping it back up after all – the last thing old Charles needs is more bad publicity through a legal court case!

    Oh minor bit of trivia here the CPW contract that is with Dial – a company run by a chap by the name of Keith Chorlton as in the Wheelies…(showing my age there!)- Now if you check out the DTI site companies house you will find that he is a disqualified director and not allowed to run a company and has served time in prison for fraud.

    Nice company our Mr Dunstone keeps it has to be said, any way take care folks and one day I actually hope a Talk Talk customer actually gets decent broadband…

  6. give them a break its not all bad, i have created a rival blog talktalkheaven

    i want to know about all the good service received ??

  7. Hello. I am going under alias so that those Talktalk fraudsters’ don’t track me down. I’ve even taken the effort to use an internet cafe so they don’t track my i.p. These guys are like the mafia, so watch out.

    If you are signing up for broadband internet/unhappy with service then this is what i advise you to do:


    *Tell them each time you speak to them that you are one of the members of the England team. Not literally, but when they ask for your name respond positively from the top 10. (i.e. I usually like Stevie Gerrard, or lamps but it’s up to you.) David Beckham is a good one if you really want to push the boat out, and if they ask “are you being serious” then respond with something along the lines of “yes i am, what’s wrong with my name? are you dscriminating against my name?

    To this day i don’t know why they ask for your name. Whether or not this is to show you they care and use your “first name” or for taking down the notes on the computer as to who called etc. is beyond me. Anyway, if they aren’t honest with you, then why should you be honest with them?


    *if you are having problems connecting with talktalk already, ring their customer broadband customers line on 0870 444 1820. Tell them you are unhappy with what’s happening and you want to talk to their manager “PAMBA V”. (Edited) They’ll try to fob you off like “she’s not here, she’s busy, you’ll have to wait’ etc etc etc. Tell them that’s fine, you’ll wait however long it takes. This will put the woman/man on the line in a position which will clatch at their moral strings. If you get disconnected, try again, and keep trying until you get through. Once you are through, tell them you have been disconnected from your previous broadband service, and now you have no service at all. Tell them that you don’t have the money for a dialup service and if they can top up your account with £10 so you can pay for dialup until they connect you to broadband. The manager at the call centre did this for me. Whether or not you actually go for dialup it doesn’t matter, but at least you get £10 out of these fraudsters.


    2*: Ring the “high complaints team” number on (Ed. removed.) Please note, i was given this in confidence and it is the number to a “manager” in the talktalk team, but his colleagues deal with broadband. Tell the guy that you would like to speak to “LEANNE B”. Tell her your problems you are having, how unhappy you are, and tell her you need her help. This is about the only person from TalkTalk i’ve spoken to that’s been honest with me, so if she’s honest with me, then she could be honest with you.

    Regards, David Beckham

  8. Nice comment Fido! During my complaint with TT I when I could only get through to customer service, I insisted on speaking to a supervisor and succeededNice comment Fido! During my complaint with TT I when I could only get through to customer service, I insisted on speaking to a supervisor and actually succeeded in getting one. Unfortunately for me, it didn’t make any difference since the same ‘auto response’: “We can’t help you, you need Technical Support and no we can not put you through to Technical Support, but this (useless) number will help” was played.

    Some points to make… one, this was the first time that I’ve ever telephoned a company that could not put me through to another department, and two, this is my second month with TTBB and it has worked for the past month without anything more than the odd line drop. I haven’t yet had the pleasure of being unbundled (as far as I know), so things could change here.

    The problem isn’t generally the BB with TT, but the lack of (a) being able to speak to someone, or (b) being able to speak to someone who knows what they are talking about.

    Incidentally, Oliver Brown’s blog has many interesting comments about TT ( ) and hasn’t yet appeared to have been threatened by TT, maybe Charles Dunstone simply took a fancy to this blog!

  9. I don’t know if it is a good thing or bad that there are so many of us struggling with TT broadband. I have not had any internet connection now since 28th July so the statement of “Easy connection with no interuptions” makes me so mad.

    I have managed to get a number of a person who is supposed to be looking at my problems her name is Zarinah but she never answers her phone and what kind of telecom company are they when the staff don’t even have voicemail to leave our complaints on.

    I have reported TT to OFCOM and informed the High Level Complaints department of this, but they are so use to this now that it was like water off a ducks back.

    I am not very technical and do not and don’t want to understand about drives and microfilters all I want is to connect to the blinking internet.

    The best laugh was when the Technical Support guy asked me to carry my PC and monitor down stairs to the telephone socket to test the line….. He was not happy when I called him a TOSSER.

    I have run the installation CD and changed the modem so many times now I am dizzy and still the ADSL light flashes away like a goodun.

    Anybody got any new suggestions other than throwing the whole shibang out the window…..

  10. er.. i think your last paragraph is probably the best idea 🙂

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  12. you are asked to move your pc to the socket downstairs because you have no adsl signal (thats why your modem light flashes). about 1/2 the time people who bother to do this get a signal! If you get a signal – yippee – just buy a better extension lead.
    if you do not get a signal – it’s up to the isp to sort it out – usually by bullying BT into fixing thier rubbish copper lines that cause a LOT of the problems.
    If you choose not to bother testing your pc at the main socket, talktalk can’t & won’t help you – the technician was giving you the correct advice & did not deserve to be insulted by you.
    If you want a really good service of course – pay for it! Talktalk is FREE. You get exactly what you pay for – nothing. Now me – I PAY a LOT for my internet – and it is really good – fast, reliable and NO LIMITS. I can play games, use peer to peer and run a HUGE website with no problems.
    You pay nothing and get nothing – seems fair!

  13. FOR THE 50TH TIME!!!!

    I pay for my service.



  14. whoops – sorry!

  15. I can no longer access half the sites on the internet from any of the computers on my network. it all appears to be all the vital tools i need to communicate such as gmail and lycos mail and MSN.

    All happend this morning… guess which ISP i just changed to!

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