Stewart stewing about odd charges

This is the first I’ve heard of Carphone Warehouse even insinuating that they call people (and then saying they don’t anymore…) But the final notice story is the same as various others. Any recommendations for Stewart?

I was a customer of OneTel for four years. I always paid my bills by DD and in the main I had no problems. Then Carphone bought Onetel at the same time as I moved. Onetel told me that as I was keeping the same number they had an arrangement with BT and the ADSL woudl follow five days later. It did not. Eventual the lady in India told me twenty one days. I could not wait that long (having already been without a service for over a week) so I cancelled my contract and allowed one more DD payment to go through before cancelling the mandate.

Turns out according to the Indian people I owe them £1.56 although they requested the full payment of £23.99 after which they would refund me. I have just paid their debt collection agency CCS £26.15 (no idea where they got that figure from but that is not important) at least CCS have a web site that works.

The money is not the issue for me. What bothers me is the dishonest trading practices that are being employed i.e. stating in the standard worded letter entitled FINAL NOTICE “we have attempted to contact you by phone and letter on several occasions … ” when I asked when? I was told “we no longer phone people” and the letters “oh we definitely sent them”

I will never use Car Phone Warehouse OR The Phone House (as they are known in France) OR OPAL Telecom (I am an IT Director) again. I have written to David Cowan Legal and Litigation manager at OneTel and if I ever get a response will post it here but somehow I doubt it!

Is this a case of 6 months down the line billing? Talk to Stewart

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3 responses to “Stewart stewing about odd charges

  1. As I understand it, Onetel is still operating as an independent company from Talktak, despite the takeover. Having said that, I don’t understand how their system works – but then, thousands of people in the UK are at a loss as to how Talktalk works – it’s all a HUGE MESS! God give me strength!

  2. Hey there, as a worker within the organisation your slagging off, may I just say that even with the problems we have alot of the issues are due to the age old issue of the lines in the houses, many lines are over 20 years old and those that arent are either TPON or poor copper lines, broadband can be affected by many factors including these and also extension leads which are not rj11s, digital phones and even fax machines all of which would require the correct connections, for digital phones and facisimilies you would require a digital adsl filter, and for extension leads you would need to purchase rj11 cables. As for you lot using extension socket no adsl company will support them if your not connecting via your main bt socket in the house, as extension sockets arent fitted with the same equipment, therefore more issues can occur.
    I am not defending the companies customer services but the crap i read on here and in the papers are true, we do as we cna and if we cannot resolve the matters then we escalate it to the correct departments. But as with any companies and you being an IT director should have know this factor about your lines and also should know not every colleague knows what to do or how to do their jobs properly. Anyway thats me first rant expect more over the period of the next month

  3. CPW have blocked this blog with their internal firewall, so employees can’t view it. You’re obviously having some effect – even if you’re obsessed. Maybe you should go out for a walk in the park on this beautiful day?

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