Mirror investigates and solves one man’s problem

Thanks Darren!

ONE month into his free broadband offer from TalkTalk, Stephen O’Gormon thinks he’s found the catch in the company’s “catch-free” service.

“I think the catch is that their customer service and technical support teams do not exist,” he said.

“The phone numbers are merely a way for the company to earn money at 10p a minute while customers listen to endless repeats of a record from 1969.” Stephen, from Aberdare, South Wales, got fed up of failing to make his starter kit work and he wanted the code he needed to take his custom elsewhere.

Falk AdSolution

We contacted TalkTalk’s owners Carphone Warehouse and they swiftly sorted the problem – and cleared Stephen’s account “as a small goodwill gesture”.

Just a suggestion but perhaps its press officers should help answer the customer service phones.

So, write to your local paper. See if you can’t get some journalism on your side!

The Mirror

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