How to: Cancel service if you haven’t been connected.

There’s nothing in the Ts and Cs that says anything about charges if you disconnect. However, apparently there is a clause (11.3) that says you can cancel if you haven’t been connected within 28 days.

I signed up in April and was given a Broadband go live of ‘by the end of July’.

July has come and gone and we’re getting pretty close to September now but I still don’t have broadband from TalkTalk. Thats nearly 5 months since I signed up !!!

Anyway, I’ve got totally fed up of the rubbish customer services and I’ve had the same problems getting through as everyone else. So I decided to get out if I could.

I’ve been taking a close look at the TalkTalk terms and conditions and I may have a way out – I’m trying it anyway……..

Section 11.13 says

If you signed up for certain of our products (which may include without limitation our ‘combined’ products i.e. being ones under which you receive our LR Service and our Call Service together with our Broadband Service), and we do not supply you with our Broadband Service (being an element that forms part of such combined product) within 28 days after the last day of the month given to you from our ‘availability checker’, thenyou will have right to terminate your Contract for the combined product at any time prior to your actual Commencement Date for the Broadband Service. Any right you may have to terminate your Contract in these circumstances, will be lost as from the point at which you are able to access our Broadband Service.

So I just waited til the 28th August and I cancelled. I’ve already contacted BT who will take the line back on 1st September, I’ve written a letter quoting the terms and conditions and stating the problems and that this is notice of termination which I posted using recorded delivery on Friday 25th August, that way someone reads it on 29th August (28th was a bank holiday).

I’ve cancelled direct debits (though i have stated I will pay any outstanding call charges by cheque in my letter).

I sent all the details to customer services and Charles Dunstone on the 28th August via email too.

I was then promptly emailed and called by someone from the Customer Liaison Department who could actually do more than just follow the guidelines on a customer services ‘hymn sheet’. They went through all the details with me and I’ll have no problems cancelling. No £70 disconnection fee, no debt collectors for failed direct debits etc. They Customer Liaison guy is even going to call me once I’ve been disconnected to finalise the billing details. That’s what customer services should be like – someone who takes your case on board and will follow through until resolution.

On a side note – I called customer services yesterday (29th August) to verbally cancel (as well as the email and letters that had already been sent). I got through to someone straight away – maybe they are getting more people in the call centres now.

I’m not sure what the broadband would actually have been like – it was a good deal; guess I’ll never find out now.

Just thought this might be of some use to other sufferers. Remember to quote terms and conditions 11.13 ( as long as you haven’t been connected to the broadband service yet ).

Thanks Tej! And be sure to let us know if they start strong arming you for charges.

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4 responses to “How to: Cancel service if you haven’t been connected.

  1. What would the broadband have been like? Intermittent connection and very slow in my experience which is why I’ve been trying to leave Talk Talk for the last 6 weeks.

  2. Talktalk took over my line on 30th May and machine has been very slow, but was assured that when I received the 8mg in February downloading would be much quicker. However, after my computer crashed following a disaster at Talktalk, and I had to call in an IT consultant who had to clear it of numerous viruses etc., and he reinstalled everything, including Windows XP and in fact my machine is very much quicker already. Having said that, I do think that 9 months is rather a long time to receive the 8mg

  3. TOSCA – Talktalk broadband would not have affected the speed of your machine. The inability of yourself to protect your computer from viruses and spyware is your own responsibility. Its just like jumping into a car, driving away and having a car crash and then blaming the seatbelts for not stopping you flying through the window when they are provided. This was not the fault of TalkTalk that your computer had a virus which was slowing it down.

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