Edward irked

Mobile phone insurance completely useless according to the below, then broadband not up and running. No new tale to tell.

my new handst didnt work so it now has to be sent bac and im expected to wait another 2-3 weeks without a phone. since im paying £40per month thats £80 wasted (2 months without handset if im lucky). i took out the contract because of the handset and the internet. carphone generously offered me a £20 voucher. this is ludicrous as ive paid £60 in insurance which is a complete joke as its made no difference!

worse still my landline with talktalk still doesnt hav broadband because im now being told my mac code has changed. it took them 2 months to tell me.im being robbed on all fronts

2 months seems to be the standard Talk Talk lead time.

Talk to Edward

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