Dee was in deep but has now found freedom

Hooray! Deehell went through various steps to get his Talk Talk connection…. not so connected. Read through his comment below:

I was trying to cancel my order following a talktalk phone billing problem (of their making – they didn’t act on my direct debit then cut me off whilst I was on holiday and wouldn’t accept responsibility for the problem – read the gory details here:

Not sure which your helpful suggestions have worked, I’d tried the (non-existent) Compliance Manager ( that comes back with “delivery can not be completed”; the normal customer service customer service email (and got an automated holding message) and the David Thatcher (ThatchDO2 email above). And I signed the petition too. One (or more) of those did the trick:

I got this back from email :

“Many thanks for your email which arrived on my desk this morning.

May I firstly take this opportunity to apologise for the below standard of customer service that you feel you have experienced I can confirm, as per your enquiry, your Broadband service with us is now disconnected. [NB: it had never actually happened after 4 months and I’m still on my Bulldog connection but I wanted reassurance that they were not trying to migrate me to their 18 month contract that I’ve now (thru this site) seen the problems with]

Should you wish to escalate your complaint further, please email our escalations team on

Kind regards

Barry R


High Level Complaints Dept

Balcarres Road



There’s more on Deehell’s comment on the ‘things you can do’ post.

Good to hear success stories! 😀

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