ADSL guide has run down of LLU issues

For those of you who have had issues after work was done on your exchange, read through ADSL guide’s article.

The monthly update from the Office of the Telecoms Adjudicator has been published, which shows that the UK now has in excess of 735,000 LLU lines. The total in the previous month was 673,000. The full report can be found on

The report raises concerns about issues like Right First Time delivery, which can be seen on our forums with the number of people migrated onto an LLU platform by their provider who subsequently have issues with their connection. Sometimes these issues are LLU based e.g. to do with the work carried out by Openreach or the LLU providers own kit, but very often it is the teething problems of moving from a fixed speed to a rate adaptive service. For many the rate adaptive up to 8Mbps ADSL services work well, but most seem to suffer a few more disconnections than is normal in the first day or so. Where service providers are moving customers in bulk to an LLU platform this can result in people reporting faults when its just bedding in issues, as they may not have been aware of the switch over date.


Worth a read.

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4 responses to “ADSL guide has run down of LLU issues

  1. hi,
    i am a talk talk user and i was told that they were going to update the lines to give me a better internet speed. Since i have been put on llu i have had nothing but talk talk refuse to take my tech calls because its llu’s problem now and llu keeps hanging up the phone when all i ask them to do is test my line.
    I am a calm and tranqual person but if you pay for a service you expect it to work not work for 2 mins and then get greff for asking llu to do there job. I spent all day on the phone to bt today asking them what my options are with changing the isp from llu to BT. they cheaked the line and said it is impossible unless i get a mac code. i got a mac code and then phoned bt bk. the mac code is usless because llu have altered the exchange line to there own equipment. as far as i know i we were not toldof llu pulling a wire out of the bt exchange to connect to there own box. they have me by the nuts. i cant change isp and i am bound by a contract. this is my old mans house and i origonaly got talk talk because of the free calls we could make to italy, america, germany ect. the internet was part of the package. now i feel like they have violated my staturtory rights as a consumer by not giving the service and refusing to deal with the ongoing problem i am haveing with llu. If there are more ppl with this problem and dont want to stand for the shit they are giving us then e mail me please. power in numbers. with enough of us we could get the best leagle representation for possably less than 50p each.we could take llu and talk talk to the cleaners. please let me know what you guys think. I dont want to be pushed around by a company that dont give a crap about us and wont help us. I have my reasons for needing the net so please dont have to state your reasons for needing/wanting it. just if you have had problems with them then let me know.

  2. I would not mind if at talktalk you can actually TALK to someone about a broadband problem!!

    Was advised that my broadband would be improved on 23 Oct – yes the speed went up to 5/6 thingy bobs!! but unfortunately the system drops out after 10 minutes. Went to help/support (what a joke!!) got neither. emailed and got replies saying contact LLU (what a joke!!) can’t get through – spoke to customer service – through in no time – asked for help – they said I need to speak to LLU team – put me through to the bl—dy music again (what a joke!)(find myself singing the song all day long now!!). Now 20 days later no change in situation – system works OK during the day (when I am at work!!) but not in the eveining !!

    Asked talktalk (by email) to call me for a change!! nothing heard!! now moving to another supplier – and sending T/T the bill for all the
    phone calls and stress they have caused me.


  3. Signed up 23.4.06 worst thing I have done in my life. Phoned transferred 8.8.06.Internet 6.10.06 Internet was so slow not worth having.After many complaints upgraded to 2.2mbs. Now no internet from 4pm until 7am next morning. after more complaints we are being downgraded to 512mbs. They are really taking the —-

  4. Hey Joe. Can’t find your email address but I’m with you if I can’t get this talktalk rubbish sorted out.

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