Usual, password problems. Sam can’t get no satisfaction.

Hey guys, common complaint. Can anyone outline how to troubleshoot this (without calling tech support?)

hi all , the problem im getting is i can receive emails but cannot send any….all i get is logon failed or username and password incorrect..any ideas ?

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7 responses to “Usual, password problems. Sam can’t get no satisfaction.

  1. The email servers are overloaded and can’t cope – simple as that. Use a different email provider is all I can suggest.

  2. How can I do this please……………..Ive only been trying for 4 weeks to connect my new broadband. Got the www now cant get the e mail always showing “password error” Even their tec services cant do it.
    Advise it might just start on its own one day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but we will get back to you. How did I spend the summer of 06 …waiting for talktalk to phone me??????

  3. Wel. there is sum isue going with talk talk website.. u can simply create the same e-mail address on outlook and it wil work fine….Regards.. Daud Khan..

  4. plz create the same e-mail address on Outlook wil work fine

  5. I know it’s my own fualt but have forgotten my password for my talktalk email account but I refuse to phone them as each time I phone it cost me a small fortune getting past about can any one els tell me how to recover it.

  6. hay all im haveing same prob with increadimail were are all the so called help genouses out there wht should it be so dam diffecult to use a simple email site we are all just orderinery comp users so why cant we get the help we wont we even get charged for getting advice on our computers come on guys dont you think its time you gave use computer users a break after all we pay for your bacon

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