June/August still confusing

Ian has written in with a tale we’ve heard before. The difference between June and August, in many reader experiences, for Talk Talk is minimal so as to be completely non-existent:

Any advice?

I signed up with Talk Talk in June. They said that my intenet service will go live by the end of august. It is now the end of august and still no internet. The best part of it is, when i went into my local carphone warehouse and asked then to call talk talk i was told by the operator there that it would take up till next may till my 8mg broadband would go live. They would start off with just a 1 mg and over time increase it. When i told the guy on the phone that i found it insatisfactory and that it was an awful service to have to wait for 11 months for this 8mg broadband he said ‘ok’ and put the phone down. This was the second time in half an hour. A total con! Some times it’s probably better spending a little more for a good products, because although its a nice price, the service (or severe lack of) is appalling!!

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6 responses to “June/August still confusing

  1. Look at section 11.13 of the terms and conditions.

    TalkTalk are in breach of contract. They are supposed to connect your broadband service within 28 days of the last day of the month they specify – if they don’t then you have the right to cancel withouut paying any penalties.

    I’ve already moved away from TalkTalk. I contacted BT first so they made arrangements to transfer my line back, I then sent TalkTalk a letter (recorded delivery) and sent emails too.

    Make sure you send copies to the big cheese too!

  2. By the way, you actually need to wait til day 28 – wouldn’t want them to rush your connection through in order to keep you trapped in the 18 month contract !

    The broadband servcice is supposed to be shockingly terrible.

  3. Not really.

    I waited for 3 months, but the service is quite good.

  4. Quite agree.

    My service with broadband has produced no problems to speak of apart from the occasional line drop but hey, even Bt had that. Plus I DO get the 1mb and suffer very little from any contention ration though I have no idea what the ratio is here.

    I was perfectly aware as anyone would be had they looked, that I would not get the 8mb (can’t anyway according to BT line check, only 3mb!) until probably May 2007. All my literature stated this quite clearly.

    Al going like clockwork now that I have made them look at my line and see that the telephone service does NOT have ‘annonymous caller reject’ on it. Originally it was on there for a couple of days but failed to stop those annoying calls that I wa trying to block. Instead I used the telecommunications act against the callers. Worked wonders that did….and free!

    My service was installed 6 weeks ahead of target time and caught me out completely. Few teething problems with billing but all companies suffer that at times. Never used their supplied modem as I use a router so cannot say if their equipment is any good or not. Router is set to check the line every 20 seconds due to a few dropped lines but all is going okay.

    Any slowness on the internet I have checked with different speed testers and nothing at all to do with TalkTalk. Just slow servers where I was trying to get.

    Personally I would not let all the bad talk put me off giving them a try. They are improving.

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  6. i signed up in may 2006 on the advice it would be august for broadband .. i got a go live date for 26th july.. it didnt happen .. calls to helpcentre prooved it was the nohelpcentre.. i then got online to check my bill using ntl.. guess what go live estimate has changed to february 2007.. now i’m permanently emailing them to cancel account on grounds that it is breach of contract… broadband is not free it is included in package – the advertising authority have smacked their wrists for this suggestion… looks like small claims court is only way to avoid £70 disconnection fee

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