DNS troubles around Greater Manchester 7:40pm

I managed to get some rather odd fish for supper tonight. Thinking perhaps I’d try something else, I went to look for recipes. Then in the middle of a recipe including butter and perhaps unsurprisingly, my connection dropped and no pages were being served.

Yet another case of dreadful Talk Talk DNS.

This is why I run this site. What the heck kind of ISP can’t keep their DNS servers up and running? I dare not even try to call the ‘help’ line in case I get stuck in the endless drone of Dunstone apologizing. (Well, for 10 minutes until I’m cut off…)

7:57: dinner is almost ready. No Internet.

9:06: No browsing since 7:40pm

Back up!


And still, no DNS for a little over an hour.

Did anyone else get smacked with it?

Something I should have done?

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One response to “DNS troubles around Greater Manchester 7:40pm

  1. Simple – Install a caching nameserver that you run locally – use that instead of TT dns servers.

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