Talk Talk billing up to 6 months after the fact

Two of our insiders have reported that customers are receiving bills for calls they made 6 months later.

Check out Fido’s comment:

One for the billing boys and girls, seems that Talk talk has been sending out bills to customers who have left some time back(had quite a few calls about this today)

Who have also paid all they owe according to them – and yes i believe them! Yet they are getting bills off the beloved Charles D.

Any queries refer to 0870 168 0870 – (thats the billing number) – oh and anyone who delays in paying will get the letter from a collections agency in a few weeks time as well.

And then one from one of our Darrens:

Any company whom uses a 3rd party (which many do, except BT as it is its own carrier), does state in their terms and conditions that you can be billed for calls upto 6months later from making those calls. As the front company is reliant on the 3rd party for billing details. guys guys guys, stay with BT, may be slightly more expensive, but atleast their are no hidden surprises.

Something useful to keep in mind. Join the convo here!

Also, I passed the BT call centre in Warrington yesterday. Anyone here that was there? It’s near Ikea :D.

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One response to “Talk Talk billing up to 6 months after the fact

  1. Argh!!!!! I ‘disconnected’ from the broadband service last November(2005) and am still getting bills sent to my old address!!! Calling them is useless as you get passed from person to person until finally someone cuts you off. Appaling service.

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