Talk Talk bans pensioners

Ok. I know that a lot of the elderly aren’t that technologically inclined. But to demand that your customers have to have a child nearby to sign up is a bit… yeah. I mean, surely customer services should be able to explain the Terms and Conditions to anyone?

CARPPHONE WAREHOUSE seems to have a policy of banning the elderly from its broadband services.

The Daily Mail claimed that Carphone Warehouse is demanding that the over 70’s are accompanied by a child to explain the small print in the contract.

The Mail cites the case of Shirley Greening-Jackson, 75, who sits on the boards of several charities who was refused a broadband connection because she was too old.

Check out the Inquirer

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2 responses to “Talk Talk bans pensioners

  1. Found a link to this on an American site!

    Seems that our friends across the pond are finding some amusement at this…

  2. Someone who works for TalkTalk

    This was all speculation in the press, the lady in question was approached by a third party marketing company called ‘cobra’ who do door to door sales affiliated with the TalkTalk product.

    Cobra where simply informed that any sales of broadband made to anyone over the age of 75 would not be accepted as a sale and that the individual should call the freephone sales number if they would like to sign up!

    You people will try anything to see the bigger picture!

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