Ruth tired of Talk Talk’s ruthlessness

Ruth has a Netgear she’s attempting to connect to Talk Talk with. Sadly, has been unsuccessful so far. Have a looksie and see if you guys can help at all:

Just wanted to say how much I love this site, it’s the one thing that’s
keeping me sane throughout my TalkTalk trauma.

I have a Macbook and couldn’t use the modem TalkTalk sent me. To cut a very
long story short, I have now given up on them providing what they said they
would and bought a Netgear DG834G. I still can’t get it to work, because
the login and username TalkTalk gave me don’t seem to cut it with the
Netgear setup site. Has anyone else had similar problems?

On a serparate note, I am determined that TalkTalk shouldn’t get away with
this, I have been paying for the ‘service’ for over a month without having a
whiff of broadband, have had to buy first a dial-up modem, now this Netgear
one, have spent hours on the 10p a minute liane to TalkTalk, mostly waiting
to get through or on hold. I want to picket outside my local Carphone
Warhouse and leaflet potential new TalkTalk victims. Has anyone else tried
this, and does anyone want to join me? I work right behind the Canterbury
branch, and plan to spend my lunch breaks warning others, and trying to get
them to acknowledge that they way we are being treated is wrong.

She is also inspired to do some picketing over at the Canterbury site. Anyone want to go along?

I’m useless with Mac issues. I start chanting ‘one button bad’ the minute one comes into view.

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52 responses to “Ruth tired of Talk Talk’s ruthlessness

  1. I hear where you’re coming from – just got broadband from TalkTalk. I can connect using the supplied USB Speedtouch 330 modem (when it eventually finds the line and stops flashing), but I bought a Netgear DG834G becaue I wanted to setup a wireless network. Can I get it to work? NOOOOOOO…

    I’ve set-up routers before but this is driving me crazy. There is something very questionable going on. The TalkTalk settings are as follows:

    Encapsulation mode: PPPoA VC-MUX
    DNS Primary:
    DNS Secondary:
    Authentication: CHAP

    However and despite the fact that I have tweaked and double checked everything – I must have checked my login and password hundreds of times – I still get an authentication error: “CHAP authentication failed”.

    I’ve changed every setting in the Netgear Admin pages, I’ve ping’d every relevent IP address, I dont see how I can change to/from PAP or CHAP, I’ve selected “never connect” for the dial-up process for the Speedtouch, I’ve uninstalled and re-installed all software, I’ve experimented on three PCs and one laptop, downgraded the firmware, upgraded the firmware, rebooted, restarted, and the lights are lit and stable on the Netgear router, but it would seem no-one is still at home????

    Anyone any ideas to help us?

  2. Hi – i’m using the same wireless router and have no problems connecting to talk talk but get some strange speed issues – i’d be happy to compare some of my router settings with you if you wanted…


  3. I’m up for the picketing! Everytime I pass a CPW shop my husband has to restrain me from storming in there. I find myself making the sign of the cross and hissing and getting odd looks. Hmm, must be the white strait jacket those nice people at the daycare centre have given me…I’m starting work on a placard but I’m a bit limited with these Crayola’s….

  4. Hi, I’m having the same problem with my netgear DG834GT router. I used to be able to have wireless with Pipex and had no problem at all until I was conned into switching to Talk Talk. Since joining this company I cannot get wireless broadband at all and can only connect via their own modem which means plugging in. I’ve phoned their helpline which is clearly in India or somewhere such like and can only get through to someone reading off an obviously scripted answer with the end result being that they cannot help. They claim that the problem is with netgear when it clearly isn’t. I hate Talk Talk!!!!! They are horrendous! Can anyone please help me:)

  5. i have the same problem and got no help, so am think ill be going back to BT, netgear wont help as its not there problem, its just talk talk, i never recieved the cd and modem they said they sent either, im very angry that talktalk do not support netgear/wireless, i think its awfull, and ill be going back to BT, who i never had problems with.

  6. Philip, where are you??? You say you have DG834GT and have no problems with talktalk and offered to share settings. Please post them!!
    I have no problem connecting to talktalk or with email but still cannot get other notebooks to connect to wireless router DG834GT despite having no problem with over-expensive BT Business Broadband.
    When I phoned Talktlkk, they read out the following settings;
    Manual ADSL
    ADSL modulation Auto/G.DMT/ANSIT1.413
    PPPoATTTP over ATM (PPPoARFC2364)
    Settings: Encapsulation VC MUX
    Authentication CHAP.
    I can’t find out how to make these work and it’s starting to become an issue with my teenage children who are desparate to get back onto MSN. I’m a mum under pressure.

  7. There is an issue with some Netgear routers and the TalkTalk service.

    Go into the router configuration page and find the MTU setting there. Set to 1492 or lower, but do not go below 1400. I found 1450 worked for me.

    The symptoms: no messenger login, no hotmail, no talktalk website, can get google and some other sites, can’t get others.

    One I changed the MTU, everything went back to normal.

  8. Hi

    In also spent hours hanging on to speak to someone in India who eventually told me to get broadband from someone else. Basically I had everything working fine on my NetgearDG834GT, it worked fine using ethernet on one w2o00 pc and using airport on my ibook.
    Thursday night it went off, after numerous phonecalls they eventually said it could be something to do with being on superfast 8mb and that they rented mt bt line from bt and that there could be work going on. They also gave me the router settings but I cannot see where to check that CHAP is being used. Also they said that the primary and secondary had to be set to
    DNS Primary:
    DNS Secondary:

    I have checked everything a thousand times, nothing works, I hate them

  9. hello, I have NETGEAR DG834G and I have also spent hours on calling Netgear support line in India and they couldn’t manage to get it sorted. Eventually they asked me to hard reset the router and it went funny all together and they had to replace it. Anyway, to cut the long story story short I am gonna give it a try to change the MTU settings as suggested by James and site on Net gear website. will post it here how it goes…until then…

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  11. i’ve tried 3com, belkin and netgear routers with all poss settings, NOTHING works, stills dropping connection. The problem is with talktalk but they say that they can’t help us folks with routers. Their advertising claims that routers can be used!!
    A case for the lawyers I guess

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  13. well..guys, it didn’t work inspite of NETGEAR replacing the DG834G unit twice with a firmware thats has not been out officially!

    I have finally managed to get a FREE brand new upgrade to DG834G-V3 router. Since it could be either a Firmware or an ISP issue, I have also sent a direct email to B. Richardson @ TalkTalk for further investigation just in case there any problem @ their end.

    I am now waiting for the last one month to go online. I hate TalkTalk or should I say less Walk Walk !!! :o(

  14. yet no joy either with TalkTalk supplied USB driven Modem or with DG834G v3. I have now finally requested B. Richardson for a MAC code and CC to C. Dunstone (CEO) for a partial refund. wish me luck guys….. :o(

  15. just bought “Belkin G+MIMO Wireless Modem Router” from PCWorld and it installed it like a dream. So, the virdict is; avoid any models of NETGEAR DG834G if you r thinking of sticking with TalkTalk. I am off to enjoy my liberty…..

  16. Bought new BELKIN-MOMO router from PCWorld and it works like a dream. So, the virdict is, if you have talktalk broadband, stay away from NETGEAR DG834G v3. ciao, I am off to enjoy my 8MG connection…

  17. Hi all, i also have the NETGEAR DG834G, but the only problem i’m having is the connection keeps dropping.

    At first i had trouble setting up TalkTalk Broadband, as my username and password did not match with the ones on thier domain.

    Anyway, the other day i tried to setup the speedtouch modem before i was about to give talktalk an ear full, but guess waht it connected and every was ok.

    So i immediately setup my NETGEAR DG834G as i have just purchased a new laptop as well, So everything goe’s well in setting it up and i’m now connected on the desktop and also wirelessly on the laptop.

    But now i’m having trouble because the connection keeps dropping. Mainly when i’m playing online poker on the laptop, it will play then after about an hour it just drops. but now it’s dropping even when i’m on the desktop and the laptop is not on.

    Anyone got any ideas how to combat this problem. Cheers Wayne.

  18. Hi Wayne,

    Mine now keeps doing this more and more, but I’ve just discovered that turning it on and off seems to work most times. Still annoying though. I was worried about doing this at first after the horror of setting the router up, but it doesn’t lose any settings.

    hope this helps


  19. Had horrendus problems but MTU seems to be the answer. Netgear, and also others seem to default to 1500. With 1500 could only connect for a while before melt down. Tried 1492, better, but skpe didn’t connect, tried 1400 get skype going, but speed just abit better than dial up and 84K. Hve also tried (my current seeting) 1450 and seems to work, speed a bit better at 300K (* Meg Ha!)

  20. Yes, I had netgear too but had to purchase a new wireless modem as it would not work with Talk Talk. I called there technicial desk to be told that Talk Talk broadband does not work wireless ha ha ha
    Signed up to this is May 2007 and only got conntected at end of October 2007 and still got no email……………………..have rang, written and no further forward. Talk Talk is a dirty word in our house………………..

  21. I have spent the past 2months trying to get the Talk Talk wireless router to work. I bought it from a Carphone Warehouse ensured that it would work perfectly. Not once have we been able to get a connection for more than 2mins at a time and that was after spending a month trying to get it to work at all as all the settings we were given were incorrect. It took a month of screaming down the phone (and I mean that literally) I was given the so called correct settings. The whole 2months I have tried ringing the so-called support line advertised on the box and only once spoken to a real person who said he was actually admin and that he was just letting everyone on hold know that the lines were down. Other than that I have spent over 8hrs on hold, one period for 3hrs, or not even getting far enough to be put on hold, or being told they were closed when they were meant to be open. After screaming to speak to a manager at Talk Talk tech support (after being re-directed to ‘tech support’ TWICE after actually calling the ‘tech support number’) I was assured it was actually a BT line error (even though the supplied modems works fine, if at a very low speed) and was told they would get BT to test the line. They got back to me 10 days later (after promising 4-5days) to say nothing was wrong. They are now testing it again and I am waiting to hear back from them this week.

    If anyone has ANY suggestions I would be MOST greatful (I have tried to return the router but was told the only way I could get a refund was if it was transferred to my account in ‘approx 14days’. I can’t wait that long, I need the money to buy a router that works!!!)

    A very frustrated and upset ‘customer’.

  22. Hi all,

    I don’t have a router, just the modem i was supplied with (speedtouch 330). I never had any major problems until i received a letter telling me they were updating equipment offering new speeds of up to 8mb.

    Since then my connection speed has risen to about 5mbps but i havent been able to connect at all over ther last 7 days. For the two weeks before i could only connect for four hours from about 2pm onwards.

    I am totally fed up with speaking to indians who ignore my questions and fob me off with pointless troubleshooting, i’ve tried new drivers, old drivers but i can now only connect via my old dial up connection at an exorbitant rate set by talktalk for dialling 0845 numbers.

    I my direct debit a month ago but relented and paid the bill by credit card. I’ve since received another that i refuse to pay – i’ll wait til they cut me off and go back to NTL who are a bigger pain in the arse when it comes to customer service but at least their service does what it says on the box!

    I think all talk talk customers with complaints like mine should leave a message for them here and perhaps they’ll start paying attention!

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  24. MTU Values. I use a Netgear DG834G V3 wireles srouter , and i find a MTU value of 1454/6 id better ,all my online chats work, speeds a good, max speed was 802kb/s downloading a program, uploads are fast , i tried everythign from the default 1492 right the way down too 1400,

    i suggest you use the wizard thats built in, then when it has conencted to your TT service, manualy change the MTU Value to 1492 leave it for atleast 1 hr, then decide if its good enough .

    To the wireless Mines runs fine (im also a TT user) i have 3 pcs and a laptop on my wifi network.

  25. I might be worng here, but i did read some hwere that TT uses a very short lease on there IP range, this is a possiblilty on way most people have to reboot their routers everyday ,it also seems this is plan on thiers to maximise their bandwidth and to control their users, I switched form anothe rIsp, which i bloody well regret,and on that isp i never needed to reboot my router,as thier lease on ip ranges was 6 months,seems TT uses every little means to control their users,free service means crap service, Myself and my 2 sons canot play our online Rpg’s and after 10 mins we all get kicked ,or the router needs rebooting, or connection is so slow and poor its like being back on good old dail up .,

    of course when explaing this to them, they refuse to accept that as a resonable reason to give out a Mac code, and they saw £70, i said the FO , and now await a reply from trading standards,who seem to be very aware of all of TT’s crap, no need to wonder why .

  26. Hi Alan, glad we could help 😀

  27. Signed up for talk talk 19 september. When tracking order online it was showing end October. After many phone calls I was give the 28th of november go live date. Advised that I had to buy mdem from carphone wharehouse. Carphone warehouse dont sell Modems, Only routers. Then told Talk Talk dont support Talk Talk routers. Put me through to the most obnoxious person i have had the misfortune to ever speak to. After a 25 minute hold the a fifteen minute argument he agreed there was nothing wrong with the settings on my Talk Talk (Philips) router and it must be an “exchange” problem. I still have no connection. I have been lied to frequently. I have been cut off. today is the 11th of Novemberand I am still waiting for someone to call me back. I can only suggest avoiding this sub-standard product from an ill trained company.

  28. Richard Sheppard

    I have these problems. I’m using a DG834G which worked fine with Orange. I have noticed that the ADSL speed is nearly always at 2272 Kb/s but it is the WAN connection that slows right down. I emailed Dunstone and to TT’s credit someone rang me back the same day. No help in the end though as the chap couldn’t find a problem – but I think he was looking in the wrong place. My guess (I have limited knowledge of these things) is that TT’s servers aren’t doing a proper job and it’s nothing to do with BT’s line. I set the router to obtain DNS numbers automatically and this seems to be more reliable – but still rubbish. I have never even tried to get a TT email address. I subscribed to Virgin PAYG dialup and use that email address using and in the mail client.
    Regards Richard Sheppard

  29. I have had the same problem with Netgear DG834G V3
    I have spent day calling Netgear and Talktalk about loss of connection.I have been reducing the MTU each time from 1400.After four days my DG834 V3 now stays log on
    The MTU works when set at 1000
    My connection has not dropped for six weeks now

  30. Hi, found this site by accident, I too have had to buy the netgear modem, my story is long however this is the short version, after hours trying to get through, I rang the apple helpline and sweet talked the’expert’ to call me back at home, which he did, he set the whole thing up step by step with me and when the apple live page came up I could have hugged down the phone, eureka! and touch wood I haven’t had a single thing go wrong with the internet, however email is another story, and is still on going, but not that bothered as I can now get on line, so it can be done. My macbook is still under warranty, and I must admit they have been super helpful and in the apple shop.
    best of luck !

  31. Update to prev post. Today 30-12-06 have finaly connected to server. Took three hours and eleven disconected phone calls to talktalk. Can only recomend only talk to second line support. Many thanks to Mark!

  32. Sorry Guy’s

    You must all be doing it wrong because 2 of my friends have Netgear routers it works perfectly on TT. I have a belkin and it works perfectly on talktalk. My tip is DONT USE A ROUTER unless you know exactly what your doing. Routers are NOT for the NON TECHY people…

    PS Mark no need to speak to second line usually. PS – I work on 1st Line Broadband. I took 10 calls this week which 2nd line have delbt with and not got connected with them. I am on 1st line so were not being paid as much as them and 9 out of 10 calls I got connected. You just need an advisor who has respect and general common sence knowledge. Someone who follows problem to the end. You dont need 2nd line unless you have exhaused 1st line.


    Just the same as any other ISP we dont support something thats not ours. (Its like buying something from argos and asking littlewoods for help with it ¬!?!?!?!? See where I am going… but we have the settings ready to give you providing you know how to use a ROUTER…

  34. If you dont know how to use your router then call us (TalkTalk) for the router settings your username and password then call your router company and surely then your connected.

  35. When we bought our router, we were with a different broadband company. We had shed loads of trouble setting it up. We tried lots of times putting in the settings, and all of a sudden, it decided to work after about 3 days of trying.

    Have just switched to broadband, and had no trouble logging on. Took 2 months though to get connected from applying to going live.

  36. That should have said “Talktalk braodband!”

  37. Just to say I finally got my TT adsl working after 3 mths. Been perfect for over a week now,
    I tried 7 routers all to no avail. Line dropping etc.

    Lots of calls to TT tech spt – no use.

    Finally got thru’ to a TT 2nd line techie who said ” I see the problem, When Opal did the llu unbundling, they set your line profile on 8Mb/s fixed rate. Your line isn’t capable of supporting that full rate – it should be set to 8Mb/s rate adaptive, to compensate for different line qualities. He set mine at 8MB/s rate adaptive , with an initial snr target margin of 9db.

    Best Part : He then said I’ll let you in on a secret. Just before Christmas , we got a software tool that allows us to look at customers line profiles and modify them. Up until 24th Dec, we couldn’t look at what Opal had set each customers line at. Since the change at the TT end ( ie nothing to do with my 7th router) , its been perfect…..

    If you’ve got messages such as snr margin is negative or 21 billion db, then I suggest you get TT to check your line profile…

  38. Hopefully tweaking that MTU value should work for most people. The key with 3rd party router support is to stick to your guns and insist on going to 2nd line support. Admittedly they’ll pretty much tell you straight away that they don’t support 3rd party hardware, but they’ll have a willingness to help you out and have a facility to put you through to a 3rd line(!?!?) which is in the US, but free and will deal with anything and stick with you until your problem is resolved.

  39. I took the offer of Talk Talk 3 in August 2006. I still haven’t recieved anything (E-Mail,Phone call or Mail) except the origanal starter pack telling you that your order has been accepted.
    I have sent loads of E-Mails to there customer service and spoke to them several times. The last time I spoke to someone in India they told me that I had been connected to the Broadband service since November. This was a complete surprise as I had not recieved a username or password for me to connect or even a starter pack to explain what to do. As of today I’m still waiting to hear from Talk Talk what is going on. Has anybody got some names or numbers of someone I can speak to about getting online?

  40. I have a Mac sestup through a Thomson Speedtouch wireless router. The TalkTalk service has been absolutely rock solid for four months now. Not one disconnection. I have another line which had Bulldog running through a Netgear DG834 and rarely got a connection to hold for more than a few minutes. I threw out the Netgear, for a Linksys cancelled Bulldog and changed over to BT Broadband at the weekend and still can’t get relliable service. Yet the TalkTalk line carries on regardless. Have you had a line test done? It may be that there is an issue with the S/N ratio on the line. ADSL is so flaky and can be hit by dozen’s of variables.

  41. To help with your Netgear router Google search “Telnet & Netgear” activate debug mode and log on to your router or go and scroll to the bottom. Best way to configure adsl Talktalk and Netgear routers


    Well, TalkTalk don’t help with their own router, unless you want to pay £1 a minute!!

    I recently bought the TalkTalk router, and to be fair, it does work for me. I did have some set up problems. My laptop doesnt use WPA security (the default setting), so I had to start the installation all over again to change it to WEP, and got into a tangle with resetting, saving new settings, etc. etc. While in a panic, I phoned the TalkTalk helpline, and the guy at the other end said I had to go to a different helpline which cost £1 a minute. Do they think I am crazy?!

    Anyway, I cursed and struggled and kept re-running the installation CD provided until I got it going without the TalkTalk’s generous offer. Now works with 2 laptops and PC+TalkTalk USB adaptor.

    It does drop the online connection after a few hours if the PC is turned off. I tried ethernet to the PC instead of the USB wireless adaptor, and then the router loses connection immediately the PC is turned off. It is easy to turn back on via the PC with “connect” in the Base station software, but a bit of a nuisance that I have to keep the PC on to maintain the connection (thinking about global warming etc.).

    Apart from this glitch (any advice welcome) I am pretty satisfied with it, and it gives out a strong wireless signal throughout the house.

    Don’t know what make the router is – just the current “TalkTalk Starter kit”.


  43. Update! I have now been connected since Jan. Took an almighty argument with most of staff. Still not been refunded charges to helpline although it is now accepted that it was an order prob not my settings or modem. Still slow but better than none. To rub my nose in it ofcom have sent email asking on how do I rate thier help. ***WHAT BLOODY HELP***. Another bunch of tick boxing tossers,

  44. Mark W wrote earlier: I have a Mac sestup through a Thomson Speedtouch wireless router. The TalkTalk service has been absolutely rock solid for four months now. Not one disconnection.

    I use a Thomson Speedtouch 580 wireless router, using Macs OS X 10.4. This all worked fine with my previous provider, Tiscali, but can’t get it to work with TalkTalk. Any chance Mark W could list the settings? Be much appreciated!

  45. Try using a bloody Linksys router, there bleeding worse, if i wasn;t bald i would have pulled out my hair.

  46. hi ive been with TT now about 6 weeks and never had a problem. i too use a netgear wireless,good downoad and upload speeds,maybe there actually getting there act together????

  47. I used to be with BT Broadband with a netgear wireless 108mbs (Can’t remember the exact model) router. No real problems but too expensive, then for some outrageous reason i switched to TalkTalk (should have read theses blogs/forums first)!!!!

    When i tried to re-configure my router to TalkTalk, i found i couldn’t even access the control panel to configure my settings, several calls to TT and Netgear and it was established my router was faulty…Seems a bit odd that it worked perfectly the day before!! Anyway Netgear have arranged for a replacement router.

    I thought i’d dig out my old netgear DG834GT 54mbs router and plug it in on the off chance that it would work..after being told by Netgear 6months previously that it was faulty, but out of warranty so they couldn’t send me a replacement!!!!

    It worked! or at least i could access the control panel but not the internet…after several hours of phone calls to Netgear i managed to get on line. I now have a massive download speed of…wait for it..84kbs!!!! I have rang TT constantly for the last 7 days and as with everyone else…PATHETIC. I get cut off, my internet connection goes down everytime they test the line, responses are scripted and repetative to say the least, you speak to an associate who is either indian or sometimes it sounds like West African..i’m not being racist..but speaking decent english is probably a fundemental level of customer service when your dealing with customers from the UK!!! I have had to twice hang because i can’t understand what they are saying.

    To top it all off, i was at my wits end last night and lost my patience and shouted and the uselss Indian guy at TT, he stuttered and ummed and arrghhh all the way through the conversation, and refused to put me through to a manager or second line, telling me they were all busy, after 10 mins of me calling him a liar he said they had all gone home!!!

    He eventually said he would double check the line and would i be OK to hold for a few more mins..reluctantly i said yes…he then had the cheek to try and make small talk…”How are you today etc?” i was speechless!!! He then said he would check with his Team Leader..and try and escalate my problem…to which i replied…”I thought you said they had all gone home?”

    …the silence was deafening! more ummming and arrrghing, stuttering etc….he said he would get his Team Leader to call me back asap…

    24 hours later…no phonecall, no internet, no will to live!!

    I am going to try out a few things posted here such as MTU settings etc, i’ll keep you all updated.

    Rot in hell TalkTalk!!!!

  48. Indian call centres are the pits. They are cheap labour and full of overpolite, scripted zombies with strong accents, making their already distant and faint voices doubly difficult to understand here in blighty. Plus they are often incapable of discerning non routine queries. I’ve changed my bank because of them, and now I’m moving from TalkTalk because of them too. Whilst I’m on the subject, I’m sick of large companies claiming to be ‘customer focused’ by dumping these hideous touchless services onto us or else providing us with a stream of endless menu options only to be eventually answered by some zombie who sounds like a voicemail message even during the conversation. It wouldn’t be so bad if call charges started from the time of CSO pick up, but they don’t – they start from the time the menu introductions start. Customer focus is just another term for ‘shareholder focused’ and saving on the bottom line is what really counts, not improving things for the customer.

    Still, the chickens soon come home to roost and many companies are losing more custom and profit than they bargained for are ditching their Indian call centres and bringing call centres back on-shore again.

  49. I am still fighting a battle with Talk Talk having changed provider after 6 months of hell. One particular uninteligible customer services (BIG JOKE) advisor gave a loud sigh and tutt every time I asked her to repeat herself.

  50. Netgear have released a firmware upgrade to the DG834GT to address ADSL compatibility issues

  51. I am also a Talk Talk customer with a Netgear DG834G V3 router. I was previously with Pipex and did not have any problems. I moved to Talk Talk to save money (bad move) and have been experiencing the same problems as everyone else here.

    I have a desktop PC which is cabled up to the router and a laptop I occasionally use wirelessly. One thing that I have found that appears to have helped on the desktop PC is:

    Go to control panel and then Network Connections. Right Click on Local Area Connection and select properties. Click on the Authentication tab and then uncheck the “Enable IEEE 802.1x authentication for this network” tick box.

    You could try this on your wireless connection as well.

    I was getting drop outs every few minutes but now I’m getting them very infrequently.

  52. Aaaargh!! Have had talk talk internet for about 7 months now and for some reason emails will not work. Have tried all updates, messing around with firewalls etc but still nothing. Anyone got any ideas?? Other websites work fine, and can access my email from work.

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