Good morning guys! Lots to get through, sorry for the lack of posts (again, again!) Remember, this is just opinion.
Fido writes in about the various outages over the last few weeks. What do you guys have to report? Anything dreadful happening?

Lots of outages hitting Talk Talk of late, seems that the weather, global warming, sun spots or your pc being pointing in the wrong direction is enough to drop your BB connection.

Maybe Talk Talk should offer a Feng Shui version of Broad Band after all its bound to be better than theirs. (Trust me i hear the complaints every day! Wish I could help but my hands are tied on that one)

Ah yes you need to point the pc to the east to get a positive energy flow….

Talk to Fido!

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3 responses to “Outages?

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  2. I have jst connected with talk talk phone and broadband, after 2 months of placing an order. Rang them 5 times in one evening to sort it out, told different go live dates, one employee told me to find it on their website and he worked for the damn place! Slowly loosing my patience and marbles with them. The website does not accept/ cannot find my email, comes up as not found, how ludicrous. The customer service and level of service is diabolical to say its a communications company, worse than BT. They never ring back when you call, pathetic really. I too have noticed being unable to get my emails in the evening time yet can search the internet?

  3. Previous comment is by lesley not lelsey!

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