Manfred maddened by our flagrant number abuse of the numbers

We keep receiving posts like this:

You can’t go giving a number for a team that contains about 10x less people than customer services, that’s why we have the customer services number (08704441820) manned by about 1,000 people and High Level Complaints have about 90 at best, check if you really must, that’ll give you an alternative number.

The gist is ‘DAMMIT PEOPLE, USE THE NUMBER.’ I’ll respond so I don’t have to keep leaving comments everywhere.

The reason those numbers are up, Manfred, is because we can’t get through on the numbers you publish. An extra 499 people employed there? Well, that’s fantastic. Except, in the past at least for me, it’s been quite the miserable experience to get anyone to help you at all on the main number. It’s taken up to 3 hours to actually talk to someone and when you do, they don’t seem to be able to help you. That barrier has primed our readers and informants to look for other ways to get their problems sorted.

What kind of sense does it make to go out and seek information that might or might not be available when there’s something right in front of you that’s easier? None, Manfred, none.

However, I’ll link over to the anti-0870 website. That looks pretty good. 🙂

Talk to Manfred (and Moley!)

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