Joel reinforces issues with customer service lines.

Am I correct in thinking this sounds like a filter issue?

i dont know where to start. anyone reading this who as not signed up to talktalk yet. DONT BE STUPID. the customer services number is a joke, you have to wait about 20-40mins before someone answers and thats if your lucky because they may hang up on you (no joke)

also i have had a load noise on my home phone everytime i use it also the broadband has a mind of its own as it connects when it feels like it. you wont belive the amount of time i have spent on the phone to talktalk asking for help to be told the same thing over and over. i have now given up after 4 months of this hell and resigned over to bt. i wish i never left in the first place…aviod talktalk at all costs

Did they tell you that you’re disconnecting it all by yourself? That’s what they told me and others here. Are you still with Talk Talk Joel?

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6 responses to “Joel reinforces issues with customer service lines.

  1. I am about to have a nervous break down. Why and why did I move to Talk Talk? It has been the worst time of my life! Nearly two months without any internet connection. Customer service that can never help you so they transfer you to someone else who can also not help you because they have no power to do so…

    I was charged £29.99 for a connection service that I have never received. I paid privately for a IT engeneer to tell me I was right with
    all had done for the computer (£100).

    The support time kept telling me that the problem was in my computer because it is Apple Mac, I paid £35.25 ti mac support to tell me that it had nothing to do with the computer (I knew that, but was desperate)

    I have spent days-hours- of the precious time I should be with my children over the holidays, and had to take time off work to be by the telephone, to sort it out and 2 month on I am still here, pulling my hair out. To transfer to another company I need a MAC CODE it takes 5 days! I have been asking for it since the 22/08!

    I should be asking for compensation. I have never felt so badly treated by any other service and knowing at all time that I am right.

    I canceled my direct debit to Talk Talk, but this morning I paid for a bill by debit card because I don’t want any bad credit under my name.

    DON’T, DON’T, DON’T you ever try their service. Please let everyone know. Pass on the message. I wish I knew. I wish and I wish…

  2. Steve Rescorta (Customer Services Director Talk Talk) needs to be a new Talk talk customer for a day – especially one with a problem that needs sorting out.

    Lets see how frustrated he would be when he phones countless customer care numbers, holds on the line for ages at his expense (0845 scam) only to be cut off or fobbed off.

    And, when he did get through to a an actual ‘person’, how understanding would he be to be told that there wasn’t a TALK TALK HQ customer services telephone number & that he would have to send a letter detailing the issues – here’s the address Steve – good luck.

    Then, once having written the letter, sent it registered post, he doesn’t get a reply after three weeks. When he attempts to follow up the letter & gets no where, endless hours spent on one 0845 number after another he decides to cut his losses and cancel the TALK TALK service altogether and revert back to Onetel – having paid £150 more (over the four month period) for the hassle – only to find that TALK TALK have barred outgoing calls preventing another service provider form giving him an infinitely better service than TALK TALK could ever begin to to imagine.

    When I see the aTV ads for TALK TALK broadband it makes me sick. They do not deserve any customers. they have been a nightmare to deal with.

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  5. Richard Henning

    I moved to TalkTalk in November last year, signed up for the broadband package and went live on the day indicated – how smug am I??

    Umm, not very – they sent me a letter (that’ll be from our friend Steve Rescorta, allegedly) notifying me they would be “upgrading” my service on 4 October and I’ve had NO landline service since (completely dead line).
    Their 0870 numbers have digested my PAYG credit and I can’t call their “free from talktalk line” numbers for obvious reasons, so I’ve made numerous visits to their shops so far, and had their sales folk call customer services for me.
    Alas, getting nowhere – I’ve called, I’ve written (email & snail) and I’ve visited….

    They kindly arranged to forward incoming landline calls to my mobile – “it’ll take 10 hours to be activated” according to Zak at their Richmond shop – that was on 11 October, so I chased them re this and today they did forward my incoming calls, but in true TalkTalk fashion, they forwarded the calls to someone elses number, I joke not.
    Apologies to the lady concerned, but they did take my number from their system – yes, they did call me back on it once to tell me my line wasn’t working(!?!)

    If you can spare a moment, and have the inclination, drop in to a high street shop and take the matter up with their sales staff – save’s money, helps the shop staff realise they work for a bunch on muppets they work for, reduces sales and other customers can benefit from your experiences. Ensure the “escalate” your query when they log it on their system – most sales staff I’ve encountered don’t type too fast, so ensure you get them to take down ALL the details.
    What are the benefits of moving to TalkTalk you might ask, well, “the call cost savings, sir” according to Pete in their “Faults Department”, yes, quiet, especially when you have no service on your line.

  6. i have had the exact same problem as Regina and Joel, i cant get any decent support or help, i finaly changed broadband company (isp), but nothing has changed, there phone line service is terrible, every time i turn the computer on with the modem, a terrible noise comes on the line, its like a phax noise machine, absolutley horrible, and i think its the noise of the modem trying to get online, in anycase, i can hardly ever get online. BT, AOL and TalkTalk are all saying its 1 of the other companys problems, its rediculous, if any one knows of this problem and can fix it, please email me at

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