New router solves connection problem?

Mornin’ guys! Sorry I’ve been so quiet over the last week, work project + deadline kept me away from here. Going through your comments now. I’ve dealt with some of the more nasty ones from a few people.

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hello , my mate has talktalk just for the phone and has not had a bill for a year…so he gets total free calls….i signed up in april for broadband and had same trouble as you …but i am connected now but not resived their modem ….i just put my unser name and pasword into my netgear router and connected ok…iv not droped off of line yet like the other , but its the first week….only fault with the connection i can see at the moment is gaming…on a evening the ping of the server i play on goes fron 24 through the day to 300 pluss on a evening…not sure if this is talktalk problem yet….keep ringing them up its free….but now i wish i had stopped with AOL…my advice to everyone on talktalk is get a netgear router and take their soft ware off of your computers

I haven’t had any problems with the game I’m beta testing just yet. Perhaps it uses different ports?

Anyone else having trouble gaming?

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59 responses to “New router solves connection problem?

  1. hi

    i have had very high pings and slow internet since the 28/8
    was fine before that date (had the free broadband since june)

    i use a router ….3 pcs hardly any downloading at all, just browsing ebay and a few hours gaming online ….

    pings are now 300+ in the evenings ……..worst than dial-up!

    slow internet ………and slow download speeds

    sent help emails to talktalk support… but nothing more than those stupid auto replies…..its not my computers fault , i have another broadband connection to test it
    (telewest blueyonder…… since it first came out …i highly recommended it now!

    phoned them 2 times ……

    first time (30 min wait !)…….to be told systems are down ….call back another time

    phoned them tonight (3 days later with the same wait time) we upgrading the exchange !we got crossed wires at the moment!
    and told again!! that systems are down ….he cant diagnose the issue

    phone again tommorow…..

    (Removed at request of Carphone Warehouse PLC as ‘muppet’ could be considered defamatory….)
    Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:

    Reply from bytes=32 time=219ms TTL=247
    Reply from bytes=32 time=217ms TTL=247
    Reply from bytes=32 time=218ms TTL=247
    Reply from bytes=32 time=223ms TTL=247

    Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
    Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 217ms, Maximum = 223ms, Average = 219ms

    ….IM SOO MAD!

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  3. Hi Austin,

    Not sure how to get posts on this website – this needs publishing.

    I work in IT and understand how comms networks work etc etc.

    For the past couple of weeks talktalk has been deliverying sporadic slow service to certain users. Symptom, slow pings, slow web pages and slow mail.

    Because I have a nifty route at home which monitors whats going on I get emails when I have problems with talk talk.

    Basically what is happening is when ever you have an ip address from talk talk (this is your external i.e. internet ip address) not in the 84…… range. i.e. if you have one starting 89…… you will start having problems.

    What happens is – as soon as you start transmitting requests via your web browser or email client (its fine if you are using VPN or othe r protocol) loads of junk comes back at you which blocks up the pipe to your router.

    Its called a Denial of service attack – in simple terms its like war – you pop your head out of a window in your house and ask from something and immediatly 300 snipers appear and shoot at you.

    I have tried getting this message through top talk talk – after 70 mins on phone last week – they said we’ll look into it and get “Scott” to come back to you. No call as usual.

    If you phone for tech support they say you must have this and that etc etc but that doesn’t solve the problem – nothing you can do at home will solve this problem. Basically talk talk need to monitor their broadband delivery and if they get Denial of Service (DOS) attacks – block the ip address of the machines creating the attack.

    Going back to your problem – the only fix is keep disconnecting your broadband connection and wait until you get an external ip address starting with 84 – you can use to identify what address you have. Unfortunatly there is no way to request an 84 address – you just have to keep “off-ing” your broadband modem or router and when it restarts it will request another address.

    Hope the above isn’t to techno for you – Not sure how to get this posted as this must be affection loads of people.

    The attacks on th 89 address range are not alll the time – but once they start it cripples your connection for at least a few hours unless you manage to get an address which isn’t being attacked.

    Hope this helps



  4. Wel. ..r u using any extension cable? …??? ?? try and connect only to one Pc.. call talk talk and ask how much speed u r on like 512kbps? 1mb or 2 mb….is u r on 512kbpz ..then speed wil be slow….and more overits divide in 3 pcz u r using ..!!

  5. Firstly, can anyone in Britain spell anymore?

    Secondley, I have talk talk broadband, its supposed to be 1meg but it averages about 256, sometimes a lot slower.

    I play games (BF2) over the net and I get a better ping sub 100 on German servers than I do on UK servers (>100). I find that a bit odd, any ideas? With my old BT 512 I used to get pings of around 30-40 on BF2.

    Worst of all is the dropped connections, my connection will always drop within 10 mins of first connecting and there after it will drop sporadically, this is so frustrating!

    I haven’t even told talk talk as I just know they will come out with the usual help desk script, check your modem, restart your PC blah blah, it worked fine until I moved from BT to talk talk.

    I haven’t even used their software or the modem they gave me, I just changed the username/password on my old dial up setting, so it’s not their software.

    Any ideas?

  6. I have found since I have aquired the new talktalk branded wireless modem I have 100% connections with everything, like MSN messenger, google email notifyer, Outlook Express(collects mails from five different accounts) In fact it is better than my Netgear modem router. Speed is fantastic as well as connection! I am lost for words actually, other than keep my fingers crossed that it stays this way…:)

  7. BT ROCKS!!

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  9. hi , im having problems with my talktalk router slow its unbelieveable (cannot access many sites…) 0.4mbps YET the internet gateway in connections is saying im getting 8.4mbps (which i’ve had in the past before i bought the router) any ideas fellas (OR LADIES) ???????

  10. Hi Rob. I’m having similar problems. My currrent IP is 89.241.193.XXX. For the last 48 -72 hours my connection has been completely bombarded by portscans (with firewall logs as evidence). At first I thought it was a new worm but there have been no reports of this outside of talktalk. What gives? I have had no luck getting my IP reassigned, both manually and talktalk’s provided tool.

  11. Firstly, can anyone in the UK spell any more? Some people can. But many can’t or won’t – blame it on the education system and yoof kultcha (sp).

    Secondley is spelt secondly 😉

    Talk Talk broadband has always sounded too good to be true to me. One of my colleagues at a major UK IT services company has just alerted a large chunk of the technical staff to the fact that TalkTalk throttle VPN access as if it were P2P traffic. When asked why, they stated that they offer a residential service (considering VPN to be a business facility). It sounds possible that they may be doing something similar with gaming traffic.

    IMHO, for telecommunications in general and specifically for broadband, you get what you pay for. I recommend Plus.Net – not always great customer service, but a reliable connection, both when I was on dial-up and since I switched to broadband a few years back.

    Finally, to Sameer, who assumes that 512Mbps will always be slow, slow is a relative term, and it also depends on the contention ratio for your connection. I find that my 50:1 contended ADSL line is great all day, but once the kids get home from school and I’m sharing my bandwidth with everyone else in the street then things slow down a bit. That’s just a limitation of ADSL I’m afraid. Sharing a line between PCs within the home will not help; however is unlikely to be the cause of any speed issues (unless they are all online and downloading/uploading large volumes of content at the same time).


  12. after a 9 month wait i now have broadband and it is slow and crap!!!!!!
    I cant log into hotmail, ebay or others please help as the customer service people are as thick as shit and not interested.
    the page just times out when i try to log in…….?
    I am going to court with the company soon and hope to be back to a worthwile provider.
    P.S dont email as it does not work :o(

  13. hi. Rob’s comments about IP address apply to me. My connection problems are endless when I have an IP address starting 89. Geting really fed up with talk talk after one week only and wish I’d stayed with Onetel. its worth it!

  14. talk talk are rubbish mr dunstone

  15. I’ve been having problems accessing Gmail, Ebay, Hotmail and Yahoo on TalkTalk with my wireless router.

    The advice from Rob Smith (above) to hold out for an external IP starting 84 instead of 89 seems to be good. I just kept resetting the ISP connection in my (BT) router until I got one, took about 10-15 attempts

    Incidentally I found an 89 one that worked too but I don’t know how rare that was

  16. Hi! Why I can’t fill my info in profile? Can somebody help me?
    My login is Kisakookoo!

  17. More of the same complaints you all have. since the upgrade to a 2 meg line we cannot connect to any email servers like hotmail etc, changing to their modem helped but brought a host of connection problems!!!!!!!!! continal dropping of the connection. very slow connection speed, says we are connecterd by no respnse, and massive attacks of pings ..?denial of serice attacks…we are outta talk talk as soon as we can get a mac code to go back to BT

  18. If you are looking for broadband, TalkTalk is not for you,if you want cheap phone calls and ‘vanilla’ browsing its OK but if you want to use the internet seriously, dont bother with TT after all its FREE, so you get what you pay for? In a word its a ‘nightmare’ – the company will tell you they ‘expanded too quickly’ (due to unexpected take up by consumers – its all the customer’s fault) and have not been able to roll out infrastructure quickly enough to match the demand. The more cynical would say this company has exploited the public’s desire for a less expensive broadband alternative, have used clever marketing to bring consumers in, without putting in place the right technical systems to support high broadband volume and usage. The company is now shamelessly taking peoples hard-earned money from what is essentially a ‘bundled’ telephone service with very poor broadband quality?

  19. Just changed from Tiscali to TT – wish I hadn’t. Can’t get hotmail; support staff useless on the phone, no reply to my email on probs. I’m using my old Belkin wireless router – haven’t tried TT’s yet. Bet that gets me nowhere !

  20. basically, i’ve transferred to TT from tiscali. Typing in speed test got me a lot of test websites checking speed, some say in was around 5mbps very good! others say very poor. nevertheless, downloads tend to be maxed out at 170kbps, essentially a 1mbps connection, on top of that my modem lights are orange (the MT882 modem). urm, i know its free, but it says 8MBps so its not our fault, secondly does anyone have the modem issue with the orange lights, they should all be green. hmm everything is installed perfectly…occasionally they flash aswell. very very annoying

  21. Adnan, shake your head. A simple read of the manual would tell you the “link” light should be a solid red/orange.

    As regards your throughput issues, if you’re getting high sync speeds but slow throughput you should turn down your speed dreams. The problem is that your BB connection is too fast for your line. Phone 2nd line and go back to 2Mbps and you’ll find your download speeds will actually increase.

  22. Since signing up with tt i have almost lost the will to live…I feel like i`m in a marx brothers film,,I had a bt engineer get me out of bed this morning to test the phone lines totally unannounced…me phone wont ring any more .. i cant figure out port forwarding..huawei dont have driver updates on their site. I can`t stand spending another hour on the phone to customer support,

  23. ******Warning! *********
    Do not apply for the Talk Talk broadband. This company has got to be the worst i’ve ever had the misfortune to deal with in my entire life. I’ve been working in I.T. for 10 years and I am writing this to warn everyone not to sign up to the talk talk service. I’ve been promised engineers will call to my house 5 times, however no call back. Their I.T support is completely appalling.

    All i need to find out is how to cancel my contract. I’ve been signed up for 4 months now & still haven’t got connected. Anyone know the number i call to get out?

  24. Very strange. I have two pcs’ on my home Wireless Lan. One runs Windows Server 2003 and the other XP home Edition SP2. Got TT connection yesterday. On my XP pc I cannot go to hotmail or ebay and some other sites. But all is well on the Server 2003 PC. Looks like its an OS problem after all. May be its not TalkTalk. I dont know yet. My router treats both pcs the with the same settings. I cant figure out why. Any ideas??

  25. Nothing beats NTL cable connection.. 20Mb download with no cap!

    The last time it glitched was when we had a thunderstorm and all the electrics went off..
    BF2142 gaming is superb..

  26. i was on tiscali then switched to TT for the free 8 meg BB and to be honest it was great at 1st i could host games on xbox live without problems which i couldnt do on tiscali! but i cant access some sites its crap and now i cant host on xbox live and some of my download speeds are awful any ideas?

  27. All that ever happens to my talktalk loses connection all the time after 5 mins… lol a load of sham talktalk is to be very honest everytime i go on pes6 or bf2 it just drops connection any ideas on how to sort this i been on the fone with talktalk for 3 weeks and they say opel is trying to fix it.. they said today 3 more days it should be fixed. if not they are not getting a cancelation fee off me i will just change my provider because talktalk just no help what so ever and am sick of this now it was ok for the 1st couple of months now its shambles if any ideas pm me back thanks 😀

  28. “Conrad Sharp // Oct 17th 2006 at 2:08 pm

    Firstly, can anyone in Britain spell anymore?

    Secondley, I have talk talk broadband…”

    Um, apparently not…or is that apparentely?


    SELECT* FROM users where clue>0
    0 rows returned…….


  29. Yep, talktalk are rubbish. Hotmail and msn messenger no longer work. Phoned their customer services today (after putting up with this for a month) and some foreign guy on the phone was absolutely useless… said it must be hotmail/msn’s fault and to contact them. Nothing to do with talktalk (however I know for certain that I can gain access to hotmail on my laptop via Virgin and BT so he’s talking rubbish!). Anyone got any advice as to how to gain access to hotmail? It’s the site I mostly use so I’m pretty annoyed!!!!

  30. Looking through your issues with TT I can see several issues appearing . Those with 10 years IT experience should not have these problems unless they are “management IT types”.

    The Hotmail, MSN whatever you cannot connect to issue looks like a MTU issue. Your router MTUvalue should be 14xx (xx means a value you have tried like 00 or 34).

    Locate the MTU section in your router and download this free utility:

    Using DR TCP set the MTU to match your router. OK you might have to play with the values a bit to get MSN working etc

    I could give you the registry settings but I don’t trust you guys, as you could goof your machines.

    Those with DOS need to inform TT (Duh!)

    Those with very slow speeds need to refrain from hammering your connection, as it looks like some sort of FUP or traffic shaping. If you download loads you will be slowed. I know your response will be: “I haven’t….”

    FUP probably is enforced at 7pm to 1am, so cut your downloads and your online gaming pings will come down.

    TT is fine, and I don’t see free Internet should be like £29.99 Internet.

    Hope that helps!

  31. Is it possible to narrow down this problem that people are having with access to mail programmes such as hotmail and yahoo.

    I have the same problems too and am wondering if it only occurs if you are using a wireless router and therefore switching to a normal router or modem would solve it, or if it only occurs if you are using mac osX. Are the rest of you guys experience this problem, mac or windows based.

    My trial runs out soon. The other benefits like free international calls are too good to throw away, so I guess I’m desperately seeking some answers.


  32. i have been on TT broadband for 12 months now the first 11 months worked great, loads of downloads, good connection speed up to 4meg thats when they changed over to LLU, before that it was constant 2meg, that worked fantastic no line drop outs. since LLU the problems started it would go off for a few hours, disconnect the odd time, speed improved. then 5 weeks ago the whole lot turned to shit, 100kbps to 200kbps, all day, now after 1am speeds are 1meg if im lucky, constant disconnection, even while writing this it disconnected. both tech departments want shot with shit, and there as thick as it. i say give them new scripts every week then we will not get board with the bull crap, they tell us over and over and over. you cant even talk to a line manager cause their not there for you. cant make a complaint cause no one gives a shit. if every one got a date together and we all cancelled our TT direct debits, thats got to make some dent in there profit margin. then maybe they will do something about this crap service we are now putting up with.

  33. yeah, hate to really point out the obvious but your all just saying the same thing over and over, talk talk are shit, and they keep expanding so it’s not gonna get much better anytime soon, is there some answers out there for this? i just neeeeeed to check my email bad style
    Mitchypoo xxx

  34. hi,

    I dont have a problem with hotmail, yahoo or ebay. my problems lie in facebook, paypal and myspace? supposed to have 8 mg broadband but it is performing like 56k rubber band. is it my pc or is it this shit they call tuck tuck ?

    many thanks…D


  36. 2 months since sign up and just working 16 phone calls Africa INDIA SCOTLAND last call 1 hour wait to a second line number a higher tech enginner who sorted my problem so it seems the second line is the answer, wireless router supplied crashed the system so back on my old Speedtouch Thomson 330 who knows what the future sevice will be

  37. John – incidentally what did the engineer actually do!

    PS – lLOYDCOM – appreciate the response but you cannot get away from the fact that TT are shit! Luckily I have 10 days left to cancel!! All i have to do now is get my MAC no – aaaaaahhhh!

    Technically they are in breach of contract, shove your trace up their arse and tell them that you will see them in court and if they want to press it, you will go for costs – usually works!

  38. Now like most of you here I had no end of problems with Talk Talk, but I find if I get an IP starting with 78 my download speed are outstanding. Even on p2p I can download at 300 – 400 KB/s

  39. After waiting for months for my talktalk wireless router to arrive and succesfully getting an internet connection on my downstairs and upstairs computer, for some reason msn,ebay,amazon and other such sites do not work at all!
    I have recieved a brand new router to use, making sure there was not a fault with the old one and yet there is still no luck getting onto msn etc. Can anybody help me, as i can see lots of other people are having the same problem, and its extremely tiring, calling foreigners 1000’s of miles away who put you on ‘hold’ and the line goes dead.

    Please can you give me some suggestions, any will do. Thanks Joe

  40. Hi, I’ve just followed Rob’s brilliant advice and am now on an 87 IP address. Things are looking a lot faster but my IT friend tells me the IP address you get is just a number and thats it. He says maybe my router just needed restarting cuz the IP address wouldn’t affect the speed. But its been crippling for weeks, and now its better on 87. Anyone know better?

  41. I didnt mean know better, I meant can anyone help explain it to me

  42. I am also having the same ebay problems having just switched to talktalk from pipex. I use a router and have two xp machines and two vista machines. Oddly, ebay and other secure sites work fine on vista, xp just doesn’t want to know. So it is obviously some sort of thing on the talktalk service, but cannot understand what it would be!

  43. Btw, have also tried matching the xp machines MTU with that of the router, still no joy.

  44. I am sick of talk talk. They are a set of muppets! My connection drops every few minutes (or sometimes seconds) especially from 5pm onwards – and can rarely have a conversation on msn on an evening – which is when I need to use it!!!

  45. Does anyone know how we can all send a united letter to the Managing Director of TalkNot and tell him that his service sucks and that people are paying for a service that they are not getting?????????????

  46. I am in the same boat as you – can’t get hotmail, ebay to work and can’t even order anything online. Tried asking Tlk talk on phone for over 2 hours – fed up – as no further on – is anyone able to help?

  47. Hi All


    I posted on here last night as I was having the same problem as all of you – not able to login to ebay, hotmail etc and I couldn’t even order online. The error code was 408 / 409 – Anyway I was ready for cancelling Talk Talk today when I was “talked” into ringing 2nd line support. It took a long time to get through but when I did it was worth it – they told me to go to a website where I could change my MTU Value. The correct setting should be 1400. I changed it and hey presto – back working again! I am so pleased I just wanted to share this with you so it may help someone else… It can be so frustrating…

  48. Hi Sarah

    How do you change the MTU?

  49. just got tt wireless router. 1st computer is connected via the cable to the wireless router and working great , however despite my wireless laptop identifying the wireless connection even with the correct ssid and wep key it will just not connect. other friends have tried too but it just won’t work. TT tech support say i can only pay geek sqau 25 quid to help and the router is not their equipment and won’t deal with me. i refused to do this as my deal was with them and i hav been sold a product tha doesn’t work. Many hours on the phone to rude customer service ops and still no further.

    Any ideas?

  50. Very frustrated with talktalk as everyone is! Just agreed to extend contract with TT if take on wireless. Received router but get to point, after running disk, in wireless section that will not configure router so can’t get SSID or WEP key. TT advisors are not trained to deal with wireless router and wanted me to call Geek Squad £25 cost! NO chance. Can anyone help that has succesfully intalled router?

  51. My sister has been trying for 1 year to get her Talk Talk sorted,… she gets 200kilobits speeds (0.2Mb)
    and has to use my router as the TT modem just wont connect… we have even complained to OTELO (which is no good unless you have recorded every call/date/email and got a letter from TT saying they have tried everything)
    We emailed the CEO and got replys from his assistant who promised to get her upto 4mb or help her find her another ISP and get her back onto BT IPstream system…

    Oh and BTW did you know it WILL COST YOU £124.99 TO GET PUT BACK ONTO BT from Talk Talk LLu (Reverse Migration)

    Talk Talk dont so MAC codes… you have to order reverse migration from BT @ £124.99

    Needles to say the CEO’s rep was full of crap..never kept his calling appointments as promised….

    The Asian Customer Support Team kept telling her to disable Anti-Virus to get better speeds


    Absolutley stay away from TALK TALK

  52. talktalk SUCK

    I switched from Zen because of the 25 quid a month, thought “Oh I can get ADSL and all my calls cheap”. I regret being a cheap-skate and I’ve got what I’m paying for. I used to get 1.5 to 2mb as I live fairly far from the exchange, now I get ~384k or maybe 512k if I’m lucky.

    Poor service, awful “technical support” from someone in Asia/India/etc.

    Luckily, I live not too far from Carphone Whorehouse HQ on the A40 so I am seriously considering a sit-in protest -“we shall not be moved” and all that. Anyone wishing to join me is most welcome.

  53. Using the smartax router, and ether net cables, my broadband connection just keeps droping out. It really is becoming very frustrating. Can anybody help?

  54. Firstly sorry to Tiffany for this shameless plug 😦

    Paul, Ed, David,

    Try logging on to the website and see if we can sort your problems out there. You need to register as it gives us the ability to see your line characteristics.

    Ed, if you used to get faster sync speeds then its likely you are on a long line and a different (lower target db) profile should boost your speeds. You can get that changed quickly by the support guys on TTM too. Just create a new thread and post the stats from your router and they will have a look.

    Paul, get your sister to register and we’ll have a look at her line. It could be an unsuitable profile or network congestion.

    We have identified a number of exchanges that were congested and not showing up on the networks reporting. These have had upgrades ordered and the list of exchanges and dates are there on the website too.

  55. Rob Patterson

    Talk Talk are cunts!!

  56. hi am new to this forum and reading all the comments has helped me to understand i am not alone…talk talk are the worst isp ever. i have had loads of problems too…i am just a beginer with computers.

    my problem is that my connection keeps droping like every 5mins and reconnects.
    also i am using the modem which talk talk provided me with which is the smartax mt882, is this router any good or should i get another one?

    also it takes ages for me to download movies using utorrent as it states no incoming connections and the ports need to be opened.

    can you help please?

  57. hi can any one help me was with bt for two years and had no problems am now with talktalk and so are my x and my mum on every switch over all download stopped utorrent etc. just hopeless pleas pleas help me.

  58. I was expecting when moving to talk talk pro to get some decent download speeds on P2P. It says that it is going to take 75 days to download a 2gig file most of the time. My download speeds range from 0 kb/s to 5 kb/s, usually at the 1kb/s range. I have only downloaded a very small file so far so have not been abusing the system. Should just have about time to get out and try some other isp. I will try a few other things first,my ports are open for azureus, any ideas anyone?

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