What’s the future for Talk Talk?

Our BT Darren brings up a good point about Talk Talk’s future. The 18 month contract takes us to 2008, or rather nicely, to the end of the 5 year plan for broadband. Read and mull:

TalkTalk was established in 2003, with a 5 yr business plan which ends in 2008. Their business plan is to either sell off to the highest bidder, or if they hold enough customers, – hold BT to ransom. Either way, it is still their equipment in the exchange, so, if you was to move onto another supplier in 2008, then it would cost you , probably, an engineer to go to the exchange to rip out their tripe equipment. either way, its a case of pay now , or pay later. Every business has a 5yr business plan, thats how the rich get richer, hook them in when they are young, hold them to 18 months, as of this year, ohhhh to my shock, that 18months coincidently brings us to 2008. did anyone else not see this comming ?

Thanks Darren!

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