The curse of the T strikes!

Alas, this time it’s not Talk Talk but Tiscali causing trouble and trepidation for customers:

I am moving from tiscali to talk talk, About a 2 week before I signed to Talktalk, I got a letter from Tiscali, that “to improve my service” they where doing some work at the exchange and my phone and broadband my be off for up to 2 hrs. My phone was off for about 5 days (broadband came back on after 2 days, broadband but no phone – strange).

When I needed to get a MAC code so that I could switch, Tiscali told me that could not give the MAC code because they updated me to a LLU. I said I never asked for that, they said ‘oh well’. Looks like I am going to have a bit of down time and move back to dial up – can’t wait

Any tips on how to get Jimmy off Tiscali and on somewhere else? Talk to him

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3 responses to “The curse of the T strikes!

  1. guys guys guys./….stay away from LLU suppliers, there will be no-end of problems, not just broadband related neither, but normal phoneline too.

    PS.. Before ordering broadband with anyone, ask them what their contention ratio is at the exchange, and how many physical connections they have.. its not uncommon for a supplier to “piggy back a connection”, i.e. if the contention ratio is 1:50 (usual standard), its not uncommon for there to be 50+ (cheap solution fix for many suppliers, which can cause drop outs, slowness etc etc, Im sure I dont have to explain the reasons why)

  2. Darren,

    Why exactly will there be “no-end of problems,not just broadband related either,but normal phoneline too” by an end user moving over to LLU???

    I’m especially interested in the “normal phoneline” bit, i’m not having a go, i’d just like to know you thoughts and reasons for suggesting this.

  3. LLU is a good service when it’s set up correctly (I say good…as good as phones can be I suppose) but you must understand that from the time your order is placed to join any LLU provider (TT or otherwise) there are about 25 companies and over 100 deparrtments that will deal with your request from start to completion. From sales to the engineer dude going out there with his hammer and nails.

    There will be set up problems with any LLU company this is because LLU is a new product (new as in past few years that is) and like any new product, no matter how much testing is done, it’s still trial and error until the unforseeable (think thats a word…) has been seen and resolved.

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