Onetel to Talk Talk call time changes

You guys that were transferred from OneTel to Talk Talk probably want to have a skim through this:

We have been trying to get answers from Talk Talk/ OneTel since Talk Talk acquired OneTel. OneTel has been dishonest since it started up in business. As soon as Talk Talk took over, without warning us it reduced the free call period from 1800/0800 to 1800/0700 hours and the following month to 1800/0600 hours. We have been trying to give OneTel all our busines and to break free from BT/AOL (UK). It ignores out letters of complaint and continues to defraud us.

I’m not sure why they would make 6:00 am peak times? Very odd. I can’t think of many who think that’s a good time to jump on the phone and call everyone they know. Usually I’m sound asleep around then… and sometimes just going to bed.

Thanks James!

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4 responses to “Onetel to Talk Talk call time changes

  1. One for the billing boys and girls, seems that Talk talk has been sending out bills to customers who have left some time back(had quite a few calls about this today)

    Who have also paid all they owe according to them – and yes i believe them! Yet they are getting bills off the beloved Charles D.

    Any queries refer to 0870 168 0870 – (thats the billing number) – oh and anyone who delays in paying will get the letter from a collections agency in a few weeks time as well.

  2. Any company whom uses a 3rd party (which many do, except BT as it is its own carrier), does state in their terms and conditions that you can be billed for calls upto 6months later from making those calls. As the front company is reliant on the 3rd party for billing details. guys guys guys, stay with BT, may be slightly more expensive, but atleast their are no hidden surprises.

  3. This isn’t entirely true darren.

    If i remember correctly (maybe one for the BT bods on here) BT use several third parties to route a lot of their international traffic.

    I also remember a few years back that there where some customers billed for calls to the USA and canada several months late due to the carrier BT used for the calls forgetting to bill them!!

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