Matt made

What is it with you guys and all the positivity this week? You’d think that things actually are turning around!

I changed from Orange to Talktalk. I found that I could not connect to Orange and so I rang them and they (20 mins 32 secs later) told me the account had been blocked and that I should ring their technical line. 19minutes 47 seconds later ( how I love that music) I was told that my accont had been closed as i had transfered to Talktalk. I rang talk talk ( 2 minutes 3 seconds) and they said that Orange should not have disconnected me but my modem was on its way and it would be with me in 2 weeks. Got a bit cross then and asked it my Speedtouch modem would work. They said it might and they gave me my username and password which worked so i am now back on line and enjoying all the benifits so its not all bad

Way to go Matt!

So, all the Talk Talk about things improving may not be a corporate line? Time will tell!

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2 responses to “Matt made

  1. i like what you did there…so all the Talk Talk…. oh the humor.

    things get better you complain.
    things are bad you complain.
    things are good you complain.

    ever thaught that you might be the problem?

    i think you should try dying. it’s a simple and effective way to get rid of your troubles. if you hate everyting about something… why spend so much time talking about it? i assume you have no job to go to. couldn’t get yourself a hobbie? you have the web, try wackin off to a porn site its a good stress reliever. what about getting a girlfriend, there are loads of deaf and blind people in the world or people in comas. you’ve got a computer and you can program… you could program yourself a friend, like microsoft sam only with a girl voice, but youd have to find a girl to talk…oh well. do you find it hard talking to people? is that why you dont phone into customer service wen you have a service problem.. and your a customer? instead you spend your day trying to find number you think will get you streight through to the king of the world when in actual fact they all go the same place anyway. what about going back to school? you could do engineering. and fix you fukking line!

  2. Wow happy dayz. If you were any more misinformed then it might be funny. Sadly, it’s not.

    I don’t phone in to customer service because I can never get through.

    Here’s a hint, try reading and doing some research before you go and randomly insult someone. It’s not me that looks like the jackass here.

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