Danny Vu, Deja Vu

I love Talk Talk’s billing universe. Those who pay, haven’t. Those who haven’t, have….

I signed up with Talktalk in May 06. I never received their Welcome Pack. I still don’t know my account number. I still have not received any bills. I haven’t got broadband either due to some spurious service left on my BT line.

I’ve talked to BT about the line and they said it was compatible with Talktalk Broadband so I have no idea whether BT or Talktalk was saying the right thing.

There’s no way to speak to Talktalk. I was given an email address for the broadband desk but it bounced back.

I asked Talktalk via email about the lack of a Welcome Pack and account details and bills. They gave vague answers about my account being with them but had not gone ‘live’, and that there was a Direct Debit set up – BUT I’ve never given them my bank details – nor have I set up any DD for Talktalk. I gave up on them after a few exchanges of emails.

At this moment in time, I have no idea about the status of my account with Talktalk, although my phone line is working.

Any idea of how Danny can find out? Talk to Danny

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