Connection drops eternally vexing

This is my big bugbear. Why on Earth can’t I stay online for more than 20 minutes. (Except today, odd.) Is it the hardware? Infrastructure? What?

yes michael. my talktalk is just about the same. I can’t surf the net for more than 15 minutes without losing my connection. When I try to reconnect I get a ‘no dial tone’ or ‘unable to establish a connection’ message. I can’t get through to talktalk by phone as I queue for too long and when I go to their ‘contact’ page on their website in order to send an email there is no send button visible.

I don’t know whether to invest in a better filter and modem than the ones which talktalk sent me. Unfortunately,I know nothing about networks, adsl etc so I can’t fix these problems on my own. I’ve checked my phone line and there is a dial tone, the (talktalk) filter is in place etc. etc All I can work out is that talktalk is utter shite and I wish I’d gone with BT or anyone else!

Anyone have an answer for us and Talk crap?

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59 responses to “Connection drops eternally vexing

  1. 1) Does the modems ADSL light start flashing when you get disconnected?

    2) Are you trying to connect when the ADSL light is flashing?

    Even though theres a dial tone on your phone line and the phone works fine, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the broadband connection is working as it works on a higher frequency.

  2. Its all too easy to blame the (any) ISP, but many problems are on the user side which are easily fixed 🙂

  3. Loredana Pozzetto


  4. Hi Anonymous, sadly all lights are a go. I thought it could be the length of the phone line I’m using but tested with something closer and without the splitter, no joy. It seems to happen between 6:00pm and 11:00pm during weekdays…

    I successfully kept it up during a 2 GB download on Saturday afternoon.

    Seems to point to issues on the ISP end during busy time. Also, almost always, when I try and reconnect after being disconnected I get an error 721, which again points to the ISP end.

    Hi again Loredana, sadly yes, frequent disconnects and problems reconnecting.

  5. Error 721 will probably be the provider as that code is connection to network (opal) but it only meens the network aren’t replying, there are a number of other things it could be… if the network are not getting any signal from your computer they have nothing to reply to. Try tiscalis troubleshooting site. Its really good, just type in the error code and there are a load of tests you can do.

    Then as a last resort you could contact talktalk because if you don’t like them why would you want to contact them if you can fix it yourself. Saves you getting psd off and saves Talktalk a queue, which will mean peopl who need to call in wait less time and the world is a less waiting happy happy place….. (ideal world) : )

  6. Re: 3

    You use your TT connection for work? if your work is that valuable and you need a reliable service – why not go for a paid service with zen/nildram or any of the other good ISP’s out there. Starting as cheap now as £14.99 per month for a half decent service, wouldn’t you rather have piece of mind for a little extra cash per month?

    ‘You get what you pay for….’

  7. i had talk talk installed wot a load of sh…!!!!!!! i had disconnection problems an bought a router which is better in as much as i do not feel the disconnections so much but my speed is absolutely rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have been connected for 2 months now and they have just told me my broadband will be connected shortly (Well wot can i say ? ) I am definately goin to look into going back with BT


  9. thanks darren i truly believe that bt are the best the only thing is t
    trying to tell talk talk to GET STUF…!!!!! in a way that they will listen I HATE TALK TALK I only hope BT will have me back

  10. 20 minutes LOL i’m continually disconnected every 30 seconds! I even went and bought an adsl router modem decent make USRobotics which works perfectly on pipex btw. My router log shows
    ATM1 negotiating..
    ADSL UP !!!
    PPP connecting…
    Connection successful IP address 84…….
    ATM1 lost signal
    ADSL down..

    this happens every minute, i can actually watch the router and time when the connect will happen whiles its connected I can browse the web for all of 20 seconds woohoo! go CPW Talktalk the new standard of high speed internet.

  11. I’ve had it with Talk Talk. The company must have known the level of response when they set this unbelievable deal up and they didn’t care that they couldn’t meet it. It’s all about market share to them and not about providing a service.
    There disdain for the customer is breathtaking only matched by there contempt for the front line staff who have to take all the flak that should rightly be dropped on the CEOs desk.

  12. Connection dropping was a problem I had with BT. They finally put it down to distance from the exchange,. It seems i was on the 6 mile limit.
    A low signal is a result of this, and I had to invest in a wireless range extender to fix the problem. This also means I can never get better than 1 MB speeds at the moment.

  13. PLEASE HELP. While Charles Dunstone is sitting back reaping the benefits of his recent takeover of AOL, and ripping off all his existing customers, I could just be the first person to commit suicide as a result of being a Talktalk customer. I had many problems in the past but things seemed to be going pretty well. However, on Monday of this week I could not get connected to the internet, made many fruitless calls to customer support and, with the limited technical knowledge that I have I managed to get connected, but there is still an ongoing problem. Customer support’s answer is – since you can access the internet we would rather not attempt to resolve the problem, because it could create many more! It was also on Monday of this week that I discovered I could dial out to national and international calls, but couldn’t dial local calls! I spent most of yesterday and today calling customer support, accounts etc., and every call being fobbed off onto another department – a bit like a ball in a game of tennis. I was even told that I would have to contact BT as they had obviously put a bar on my phone! So, I called BT and they laughed! You are no longer a customer of BT and we have nothing to do with your line, it is routed through Talktalk – “would you like to migrate to BT?” I was tempted, but at the present time can’t face the hassle. The other point I would like to make is that I have watched the interviews last week and this week with Charles Dunstone who reckons that all problems have been resolved, that customers calls are answered within 5 minutes blah blah blah! One call yesterday took 42 minutes before I received a reply, only to be told that they were transferring me and I was disconnected. Today has been an absolute nightmare and I simply do not know what to do next. Talktalk can’t come up with a solution, despite the fact that my line is routed through them and so I am stuck with a phone which is bloody useless for making local calls and I am having to use my mobile. Oh, and yes, I should point out that the 42 minute call was from my mobile which cost £6. If Talktalk’s problems have been resolved, why then are they still using the recorded message “due to the high interest all our agents are busy please call later” and one is cut off?
    Any suggestions?

  14. IRENE // Oct 12th 2006 at 8:06 pm

    After a call on my mobile lasting 54 minutes this morning, I have been assured that within 24 hours the bar on my LOCAL calls will be lifted. WHY was it put on in the first place. Seems a bit odd that, as I said earlier, I have been able to make national and international calls, but not local. I give up. Having made extensive searches today, yes Talktalk offer the best deal and at the lowest price, but once someone has been entrenched onto their web, there is no escape for the fly!

  15. I have been trying to connect to TalkTalk broadband for 3weeks. Had it up and running for 20 minutes then it disconnected. Keep getting message “no dial tone” and “unable to establish a connection”. Error 68O has appeared more than once. Copious calls to TalkTalk – no joy until a technical person phoned me on Wednesday at 9.40pm and said that it was being reported to BT as a line fault! I wish I had stuck to BT!!

  16. Cathy, the BT they are referring to is not British Telecom, it is a section which Talktalk have taken over. It sounds as though your problem is the dial up connection. Ring Wayne Webster, he should be able to help with that.

  17. CATHY, just one more comment. If you are unable to access the internet, how did you manage to send your message?!!!

  18. I suspect I have a similar problem, combined with generally busy servers on their end. The one thing they haven’t addressed in public is the apparent lack of infrastructure.

  19. Andrew-TalkTalk Hater

    Hi there

    I use Talktalk – when upgraded to 8m to found the following helps – 1. move wireless router to primary socket in your house – speed went form 3mb to 6mb and is fairly constant,
    The main problem I have is the connection stops responding but I still show logged in username/passwd and dsl live – Seems Talk Talk are just crap – I will also go to BT the moment I can get out of their contract – forget ‘support’ department those guys couldn’t find their arse form their elbows.

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  22. my talk talk went live when it was supposed to and worked well for a month. Now i am having the same disconnection problems as all the other happy customers, i rang up and told them about my problem funny, though they never mentioned you lot they thought i had a faulty modem and sent me a prettier one with lots of twinkely lights which is as much use as the last one.

  23. Does anyone find that using the phone disconnects them from the internet. I use cordless digital phones around the house and I always get disconnected when i make or recieve a call. Also i found after you’ve been disconnected and the flashing light on you modem won’t stop flashing, unplug the main wire (every thing attached to the micro fliter)from the telephone socket give it 30 seconds then plug it back in. In my case this works a treat and allows me to surf the net for about an hour before i once again lose the connection.


  25. *sigh* finally got talktalk after waiting nearly 8 weeks, 6 weeks later (up to now) and sitll no modem -_-“, lucky i have a router so i been using that. everything was going fine then i got a letter saying they were gonna upgrade me to a higher connection . Since then my line just cuts off randomly and can take up to 15 mins sometimes before i can reconnect. Talktalk seriously sucks

  26. I started getting error 0680 when talktalk “upgraded” me to LLU and 8MB on 27/10/06. It was off for 4 days. It went off again last nither (10/10/06). I want to switch to someone else but how do I get round the 18 month minimum term? As others have said, customer service is almost non-existent.

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  28. Hi Cathy, for ages I have had problems with Talk talk broadband and experienced exactly the same problems as you. I called them loads and got shite from them, I asked for the Ombudsmans phone number, to be passed to a manager and the ignorant customer services wench would not give me these. She also asked for my MSN Hotmail password which is wrong of her. I called the landline side of Talk talk and spoke to the cancellations dept which helped and agreed that they were shite. I had the previous phonecall recoreded and am writing a letter in to talk talk about their shite service.
    I realise there are some comments on here that are like ‘it’s easy to blame the ISP’ and ‘you get what you pay for’ but quite frankly these guys can FUCK OFF and go to the ‘we kiss talk talks ass website’ if there is one…i doubt it.

    Talk Talk (Broadband) are unprofessional and ignorant and seriously need to evaluate their customer services staff as I amongst others am not standing for this. I an writing to my MP, the Ombudsman who caters for Talk Talk, my solicitor and the red tab papers. I already wrote to Talk talk but had no reply. Expected really.

  29. ive been but through to sooo many people who just cant be bothered to help me get connected to the internet Ive been on my phone line since june and am still waiting for my connection. The times ive got through and cant bloody well understand them they keep saying its a bad line well no wonder its a bad line it in INDIA !!!! I feel like crying all i want is for my children to be able to go on line for homework and stuff I cant believe they let people knock on your door be told how wonderfull they are all these great deals they give you BUT nothinks happening WHY WHY WHY ???????

  30. Hi Sarah: Which MP is that?

  31. I spent yesterday evening trying to help someone get set up. What confused me was the way the modem renegotiated the connection every 5 minutes.

    You could connect to the modem and view its internal statistics for connection time etc. As it reached 5 minutes the connection died, and was restarted.

    This means every 5 minutes there’s a break in service for maybe 20 seconds or so, which obviously disrupts whatever you were doing at the time.

    Would it be fair of me to suppose that they’re so oversubscribed in this area that they’ve deliberately set the reconnection time down to 5 minutes in a desperate attempt to slightly satisfy all of the people for some of the time?

    Or is this some feature I could have disabled at this end?

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  33. I have just received his problem unfortunately.
    It started a few days ago when i was happily playing a PC game online when my internet cut off(Wanadoo Broadband).
    Up to this point i thought it was to do with the weather, but now after reading all these comments i think not!.
    I phoned BT and they said my phone line is active and has no faults.
    But the strange thing is that yesterday after a few hours of trying to solve the issue my internet turned back on.
    And this morning it was working fine until the afternoon when the problem once again occured.
    I will try it again tommorow morning.

  34. Also i forgot to mention both days it went offline it had started to rain and get very windy.
    Plus the phone line does work and make calls but there is a crackly noise throughout each call.

  35. Hi Joe

    I have just had the same problem.

    Ive been using the internet with my current set up (BT broadband basic) for over a year with little or no problems but on Monday 8th Jan having been online most of the day I found in the evening I couldnt connect and got error 0680 and a flashing ADSL light.

    I contacted BT (another Indian call centre) and went through their steps. I disconnected and reconnected my Speedtouch 330 modem, I deleted and recreated my internet connection, I changed my splitter, I connected to the main telephone socket of the house direct even removing their fascia to do so as instructed, I removed and reinstalled the modem software, I rebooted the PC several times over, I disabled my firewall and antivirus software and still no joy.

    Sometimes I can connect for about 30 secs before the connection drops with the same errors.

    My diagnostics suggest the PC and modem are fine and its the ISP.

    The modem manufacturer unsurprisingly say its not the modem and most likely the ISP line stating signal strength and exchange distance as possible problems.

    Bt have gone over the same steps with me again and again for each of my 10 mobile phone conversations with them and tell me the line checks are all ok

    My phone works fine, Im accessing this using my ordianry dial up over the phone line now on a different PC but I cannot connect to the internet currently or for the last week except for a few hours on late monday noght and wednesday night despite regularly trying which I find a bit odd if its a modem fault.

    Any suggestions???

  36. The exact same problem has happened to me. I keep loosing connection random times at soemthimes it can last a couple of minutes sometimes even longer.

    i’ve tcobnatcted talk talk and tehy said technical will call us bakc but still no call. ghowever they will be no use a t all. this is ridiculous i am trying to do cw and it is impossibel i relayy need help i need to find a way to solve this problem. we all do! someone must know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  38. I keep lossing my connection 3-4 times a day.
    so whats new thats the service we get from
    Talk talk. I Phone them to get help but I just get more BullSh*t.

  39. well im going through the misery of talktalk broadband as well and glad im not the only one, my broadband was fine for at least 6 months untill talktalk upgraded our local exchange , now im being disconnected every few minutes all the errors point to it being the isp, but only last weekend i had a whole weekend without one disconnection , but have noticed that each time i reconnect the speed has changed , which im not sure why it does this but ive spent over 40 pounds on talktalks technical helplines and still no luck with my problem anyone got any ideas ??? id be so grateful

  40. Hi like the rest of us (not) happy useres of Talktalk I have been beset by problems and issues esp that of the disconnection depending on the prcie of cheese or the wind blowing. But one thing I have noticed it always goes wrong when they, Talktalk, do somthing with their system yet on speaking to them it is never their fault. A recent event was the updat of the local exchange it took 15 days after the date to establish a steady connection that was not dropping out every 10 to 20 mins. Now last week the voice on my telephone messening service has changed to one with an american accent and guess what my broadband connect is more flakey than Kelloggs.

    I have taken to having the modem (belkin wirless) settings window open as just restarting the router moden from my chair it save getting up.

    Then elsewher on this forum I spotted a bit by someone saying they has set their router/modem to PPoE and LLX encapulation.

    Well her I am writting out this to you all after 45 of uninterupted connection, Any one have idear why this setting work better than the recommended one?

  41. Having the same problem as a lot of you, TalkTalk has always been awful for me with random disconnects on average a couple of times every hour, and this was about tolerable for me so I didn’t really kick up a fuss.

    However, recently I manage to connect for about 30 seconds max before I am disconnected, and the ADSL light on my Sagem modem flashes, and attempting to reconnect results in error 608 – there was no dial tone. When the light stops flashing and I manage to reconnect it is at a purely random speed, sometimes the normal 8.2mbps, sometimes as low as 1.2mbps, usually anything in between.

    I followed all the steps I can find anywhere for fixing error 680, even taking apart the master socket. I reinstalled everything, made sure I had all the latest drivers for everything, got new leads…. still the same problem. So I called TalkTalk technical support, who told me to do the things I had already tried. When I told them I already had they put me on hold and hung up on me. This has happened three times now and I am starting to get very frustrated. I am in the middle of A level examinations and spending hours at a time on hold only to have them hang up on me isn’t too productive.

  42. I’ve only been with TalkTalk about six weeks and initially had a lot of problems. As I had no ethernet socket on my PC , I used the USB connection for my SmartAX MT882 Modem.
    IE7 didn’t seem to like it, some sites were incredibly slow loading and their own site: totally locked up Explorer.
    Anyway, to cut a long story short, I fitted a cheap ethernet card from Maplins to my PC and low and behold, everything works like magic now.
    So that’s my answer, if you’re using a USB connection, then go out and get yourself an ethernet card – about £5 from Maplins – and your troubles should end!
    Maybe that won’t work for everyone but it sure works for me. I also found that Opera is vastly better than IE7 or Firefox except that some websites don’t support it.

  43. I’ve actually been relatively happy with talktalk for the past six months, everything has worked well and to a decent speed, even during peek… However, over the past few weeks the speed of nearly everything has gone down hill, especially bittorrent, I lost all connection with that until I enabled heavy encryption, and even with that it’s incredibly slow. Email is slow, FTP is slow, general browsing seems ok(ish) but not what it used to be…. Anyone else found this sudden drop in performance…

    Either way, I’ll definately be moving to another ISP.

  44. Also on 8 meg talk talk but business, been with them for 3-4 months now & i also have been experiencing the “disconnect” problem’s. Im just a stone throw from our local exchange so im getting the full 8 meg & the speed is just great, but im getting disconnected every 2 hours (on a good day) or 30-40 minutes(on a bad day). This weekend i finally found some time to contact technical support for broadband & after talking to a techie i was told that my “broadband profile” was too fast or high & he reduced my speed to 2meg saying that this could help solve my problem & to his credit it hasnt dropped out so far, but after reading the above im skeptical.I used to pay for a 2 meg connection, so im basically on the same thing but for free, shame tho as i will miss the speed, which at times was ridiculous(fast).

  45. Hello everyone,

    I too have had connection problems with Talk Talk. I have a SmartAX MT882 ADSL modem with an Ethernet connection my PC. On days when I work from home the ADSL connection is fine and remains live for hours. In the evening, however, it’s a different story…

    Between about 6pm and 11pm the connection is a nightmare. The most useful light on the SmartAX modem is steady orange (password accepted) for no more than a couple of minutes. The light then turn steady green (ADSL present, passoword no longer verified) for about 10 seconds. The light then flashes green (negotioating password status) for about 10 seconds then I get steady orange for the next couple of minutes. My interpretation of the lights is based on a trawl of various web sites so I’m reasonably sure that’s what’s happening.

    So my question is…where can I find some information or metrics about how TalkTalk deal with many people accessing the same network during the peak evening time?

    No dount the TalkTalk contract or terms state that connection status is not guaranteed 😦

    I would like to add, however, that I’ve had one (and only one) positive experience of TalkTalk. The ADSL microfilter supplied with my modem prohibits my ‘phone from ringing for incoming calls. TalkTalk sent me a new filter which had the same problem. After another internet trawl I figured several people had the same problem. I purchased an independent, well reputed ADSL microfilter and suddenly my home ‘phone would ring for incoming calls. I wrote a letter to TalkTalk and attached the recipt for the microfilter. Quite remarkably TalkTalk agreed to, and have since, credited the codt of the filter plus packaging to my account. Interestingly in the same letter I threatened to send the filter to OFCOM to see if it met the BT standard for consumer premises microfilter equipment 🙂

  46. Hi i work for talk talk kay jay your issue is simple ring in ask for 2nd line and get them to do s profile change, or ring and ask for retentions some of them can do it to

  47. I too now have that “Smart” modem and on 6th July went “live”. However, as one would expect, mega problems and I was without my computer over the weekend. My telephone was also out of order. The telephone engineer came on Monday afternoon – all lines OK. So, I put the CD in and loaded up again – it worked. Last night I was disconnected again. Today my phone is on the blink. Try getting through to TT – their literature says that they are open til 10pm. Well, they are not – I rang just after 8pm. However, there is a recorded message saying that it may take some time to answer your call because of an incident at one of their centres! Could somebody have Chuck by the throat?!!
    Any info on telephone problems would be appreciated.

  48. Until September, I had variable speeds between 6 and 7.2 Mbps.
    One day (Tuesday 18th), for no apparent reason, the line would just keep on dropping every 3-4 seconds.
    I have been calling since and all I have managed is :
    – a promise two weeks ago to send me a different modem, which will most likely not solve the issue and for which I’m still waiting.
    – a fixed speed connection at 2Mbps. That took me 1 hour on the phone to get that from the 512 kbps they initially reconnected me to.

  49. I am sick of talktalk. They are are totally sh*t. Their customer service is appaling. I am getting so stressed cos of my internet going all the time. It’s only been like this since I started using their modem instead of speedtouch, but unfortunately I had to use theirs as I have a new laptop with windows vista on.

  50. Yes, it is talktalk thats up its own arse
    I used to have Orange Broadband, fine, i had my own wireless router and everything was perfect
    My Mother decided to get one of talktalks shitty cheap deals (no idea why) and i notice the change immediately, i can’t play on xbox live because of huge amounts of lag, caused by a poor upload speed
    and High Average PING and my routers ADSL light starts flashing every now and again and disconnects

  51. Totally fed up with Talk Talk. Forever loosing connection. Solution offered by their tech team…ReBoot Router.!! Done that no connection. Call Tech team.. wait on hold for 10 mins… ReBoot Router… No connection… Calm down…unplug Router from mains… make cup of tea.. plug back in ..Bingo a connection. Drink tea ..No network connection!!! Going back to BT wish I had never left

  52. By the sounds of it, I am having the same major problems as everybody else, constant loosing connections, and it`s very frustrating!!!!!

    Is there a quick fix, or is it back to orange??

  53. I had Telewest cable , it was stunning . Now i ahve an adsl set up , oh dear . my sister has fallen out with talkshite for all your postings .
    My solution , refuse to pay and request they sue you in court . They will not want to spend so much money persuing you in court . Use these psotings as proof of other suffering the same isues and most county court judges will act fairly and dissolve the agreement

  54. I would seriously consider running mass amounts of tests and recording the times your connection no longer responds and also try video recording this and putting it on youtube as evidence.

    The more people who do this the more something is done about this

  55. I would have posted earlier but it took me 35 attempts to log onto my home page this morning. My connection constantly drops or will not load up my home page, and comes up with connection error instead.

    I called their “helpline” (I use that name in the losest of terms) and the guy at the other end of the phone said it was the first time he had seen that problem (obviously not by all the other posts here) and I should just switch it all of and restart. Basically, I would have had more use calling the local chip shop for technical advice!!

    I have since tried to cancel my contract but every number I call I get told I have come through to the wrong person and I need to call another number. Surely all of this messing around and lack of customer support is synonimous of a company fully aware of the poor level of service it offers and its complete disregard of wanting to improve it.

    A complete and utter disappointment. and ironcially I was called yesterday saying they wanted to reward me as a customer by selling me a new modem for 1/2 price – where exactly is the reward there???

  56. Talk Talk = Absolute Shite!

    The connection always goes down every half hour or half minute. I’m expecting it to have gone by the time i hit the submit message button on the bottom of this page X-/

  57. My talktalk broadband drops out constantly it is so unreliable. Spent ages talking to their technical support team but it was difficult to understand what they were saying as it was in India but they told me to readjust settings only to lose my email. I had to return to previous settings so a total waste of time.

  58. for William // July 6, 2007 at 9:03 pm

    Most if the torrent problem has been caused by microsoft capping the ip ports to allow only ten ports by using there patches and upgrades that automaticly download themselves. There are programmes out there to help resovle this problem and get you back to a good speed.

    the other problem of lines being dropped i found to be a problem with the modem that talk talk use, once i had changed back to my old netgear modem the problem dissapeared.

    I hope this helped.

  59. I wish i had found this site before i signed up in Asda. I moved from aol to talktalk and the first few weeks were fine but now for the last couple of weeks all i,ve had is constant disconnections, especially after 9pm at night up to around 10am next morning. Now over the past few days i,ve been having constant disconnections during the day and its driving me up the wall. I,ve been using my mobile broadband more than my talktalk broadband as i,ve more or less given up on talktalk and the prospect of phoning their helpline and getting through to india and getting wound up cos i either cant understand them or they cant understand me or they are reading from their bloody script and just wont listen to me just drives me to dispair 😦

    I know my way around a computer, i,ve changed all the filters, cables hell i,ve even treated myself to a new laptop and even my iphone cant connect to their internet for any length of time. My daughter is driving me mad as i bought her an xbox for christmas, forked out for gold membership to get online gaming and cant get bloody online with that either!!

    I wish i never changed to talktalk!! When i get approached by the talktalk sales guys in the supermarket i say in a loud voice “YOU MUST BE JOKING!! I CHANGED TO YOUR LOT AND HAVE HAD NOTHING BUT CONSTANT DISCONNECTIONS AND TROUBLE YOU ARE A BLOODY NIGHTMARE BOTH SERVICE AND CUSTOMER SERVICE”

    I,m stuck with them for 2 years and i,m really pissed off with them big time, even when i have been writing this the disconnection has died for the millionth time so need to cut and paste the whole thing again before i send this 😦

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