Ball of confusion! Brief update before the barrage.

Loch Ness from the shore

Lots of comments to get through. Many apologies for not posting yesterday. To give you an insight into my current life; I work full time, write for a gaming website and another geeky gaming hard copy, am beta testing an online RPG and do this. Alas, my holiday has put me behind on pretty much everything. But what good are bank holidays if you can’t use them to catch up?

Now I’m sat here going through the Talk Talk Hell gmail address, drinking some coffee and listening to a Love and Rockets CD I picked up in Dublin. Have you guys gone record shopping in Dublin? Every time I go I wonder why I don’t do it more often.

Above is a photo of Loch Ness I took a few weeks ago. No monsters but lots of gift shops….

Now to what you guys are really after:

– If you have sent an e-mail or a comment and it hasn’t appeared as a post, that could be because I’m incorporating it into the FAQ page. It’s there, just not published yet. It’s going to take a bit of time to get that sorted. At last look we were at about 160 posts and over 600 comments. Which is awesome.

– If your comment has been deleted or hasn’t appeared yet, that’s due to one of a few reasons.

1. WordPress is being flakey. I’ve noticed a lot of error 504 gateway time outs recently. Generally when the good ol’ US of A wakes up.

2. It contained personal information such as public e-mail addresses, phone numbers or account information.

3. The spam filter trapped it (thanks for pointing that out in the comments :)) and I haven’t released it.

And though I’m still playing catch up, I still want you guys to e-mail in whatever is on your mind. How is or was your weekend? Whatcha got planned?

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6 responses to “Ball of confusion! Brief update before the barrage.

  1. mole spent all day at affleks palace, fallen for death kitty ( she’s so cute ) and bought so much gothy stuff that my house looks like a scene from a george romero film.

    anyway, mole is here this sunday……drop me a comment if you need some help.

  2. darren is kickin off an awesome party at home cos he missed pride ! yay the shirt comes off today !! only us 2 puffs though surrounded by about 20 straights ggrrr……forgot to tell them however, its a pink house day ! talk-talk, you get a day off from me today !!!

    i bought some nick cave stuff from dublin.. but hey, i could have really bought it from hmv warrington tho…ggrrr

  3. Afflecks! Talk Talk Hell spent Saturday evening at a night run by Rock Kitchen/Sin City/Malcolm from Jilly’s at the Retro Bar :).

  4. We’re all closet goffs really….. Why didn’t you head out to pride Darren? (Where are you?)

  5. didnt go to pride cos of lack of money, and was having all day n night party, bbq.. which turned into a disaster, max number of guests from a list of 20+, totalled 6 throughout the day. yes, so dipstick me spent about £100 on food on saturday ! erm..check out the fridge n freezer man ! lol Am in Warrington, about 11miles from Manchester.

  6. Hehehhehe. We should have a TTHell meetup. All of us in the dark North….

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