Are there still DNS woes for Talk Talk?

In May their DNS servers just crashed and failed miserably for a good few hours. That’s what inspired this site. Since then, though I haven’t had the problem myself, I’ve read and heard that there are still problems getting to certain sites. Sam has written in with what sounds like confirmation:

purchased TalkTalk in late July, when we were told that super-fast 8mbit broadband would be with us by September. The phone line was set up with a little problem but has otherwise been fine. We are enjoying our free calls. However, upon switching our Pipex broadband service to TalkTalk in early August, I quickly realised that problems were to be plentiful. I’m currently at speeds up to 2mbit, which, although disappointing, still betters our Pipex speed. I should be with 8mbit broadband in July next year. I have had no downtime, no disconnections or speed irregularities, however I’d be interested to know if other people are having difficulties with being unable to access certain websites. I’ve seen no mention of this on your blog but I am quite certain that it is a TalkTalk network problem and not to do with my computer or my phone line, as TalkTalk constantly tell me. Sites I cannot access include (inc. Messenger),,, (!) and Some others are incredibly slow.

Essentially, I’d like to know if others are having this problem and whether it has been resolved by TalkTalk, yourself or by the process of LLU.

Ok guys, this is how you test to see if records are being resolved:

1. Click ‘Start’
2. Click ‘Run’
3. Type ‘cmd’ into the box

You should get a screen that looks like this:


What you’re looking for is the line that says: ‘Pinging []’

That number in brackets means that is being translated by a DNS server. (You don’t need to know what these are, only that they are necessary.) The request timed out isn’t necessarily something to be concerned about. Often times pings will be blocked.

This is an example of an unsuccessful lookup:


See? It can’t find the host.

Now, how you troubleshoot this is by using a utility in Windows XP called ‘nslookup’

An unsuccesful lookup looks like this:


That command tells you two things.
1. The DNS server is taking queries. That’s that Opal Telecom address
2. The DNS server can’t find the domain.

Now, there may be a few problems with the domain I typed in. The first is that the domain isn’t valid (which is the case here for demonstration purposes.) The second is the domain is valid (like PC World) but isn’t being resolved properly.

Try it and see what you get.

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13 responses to “Are there still DNS woes for Talk Talk?

  1. Sam, Have a look at my reply on 24th August also. By changing the MTU settings on my PC I was able to access all of the sites I was previously unable to. Blog back if you need more of an explanation?

  2. Hi John,

    In case Sam doesn’t get to you, apparently the MTU change did solve his problem. Packet loss, not DNS.

    Thanks for letting us know!

  3. i am having trouble getting into 2 sites and

    the later is even an official us govermant site. and when talking to talk talk tech help they turned round and said “well it works here” what good is that it works every where else but on this machine. then i got told to phone back tomorrrow after trying it again. i think this was a ploy by the person i was speaking to becuase she didnt have a clue how to fix it.

  4. think your self lucky i only get less than 1 Mbit download speed in basingstoke

  5. Having exactly the same DNS issues as you are…. exactly the same sites as well, talktalk, egg and hmv.

    What DNS Server Addresses are you using?

    I switched to TalkTalk for BT Yahoo in August and it alls witched over without a problem… but I’m in Kent and am only getting a 512kbs connection!

  6. Hey Peter,

    I’m using whichever ones I get via DHCP at the moment.

    I’m going to list some open/public DNS servers later for when this happens again (and again and again….)

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  8. Hello – I’m a bit at sea with all this DNS stuff – wonder if you could help? I’m on TalkTalk and cannot (although I could at first) access blogspot sites. Any ideas how to sort it? Cheers.

  9. Hi Dickie. I had a similar problem wherei could only access certain sites all of a sudden. I fixed it by setting my routers DNS servers manually (Primary, secondary rather than letting it get them automatically.

    Hope this helps!

  10. Hi Dickie,

    Do a search on the site for MTU, that seems to be the best solution for browsing issues. There’s a utility around.

  11. im with talktalk and im having probs downloading anything,i connect up ok (4meg) but have real probs getting anything and slow browsing(not virus ect) i just cant get the two blue screens to stay solid,anyone else having probs ? ive also got two green lites on my modem constantly??????

  12. Having problems getting into ebay and hotmail. TalkTalk customer service can’t help. Internet suggests this maybe an MTU problem? I have a BT Wireless Network 1250 which doesn’t give me access to the MTU setting. Help?

  13. switch to opendns to alleviate your dns problems and help reduce phishing attempts aswell.
    I use them at home and for clients. also good for content filtering for the little ones.

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