The mole comes out of the hole

In response to Chris carefully reconsiders the mole comes out of their hole.

had you gone into a store, they would have happily called us on your behalf
and then credited anyover payment to your account.
it’s standard, any mistake like that can be rectified with a phone
call…pleeeeeeeeeease understand all of you that the reason you cannot get
through on the phone is because you aer stuck behind a thousand
“unreasonable calls” – if you are ringing about something silly like ” i
cant connect to the internet ” but havnt even bothered switchin the computer
on! then that’s exactly why you cant get through! it sounds silly but this
is the gospel truth, we even have peolpe ringing about general billing
enquiries that think they will get through quicker by rining the tech
support number, its these people that are clogging up the system, i even had
one guy tellin me that his modem had been eaten by his dog!!!!! that is
absolutely true and if he’s reading this then he’s probobly hanging his head
in shame because he then spent half anhour complaining that there was too
long a wait in the QUE!!!!!, why do you think that was eh?, STOP!, if you
dont really need to ring, then dont ring…..let some of you guys with REAL
problems get through.
help us to help you by keeping it relevant, just like your lovely host says
and maybe we can work better for you.

mole says hi to you all and hope that we can still help

There are some good points there. Seriously guys, you would not believe the kind of stuff you get working in a call centre. I once had a customer tell me (when I did DSL support) that he had accidentially applied 9v of electricity to his Cisco 720 (?) I gave him the RMA, because it was funny but always wondered how he knew.

That was one of the better ones though. If you have questions and aren’t that comfortable around computers, ask in the comments. A lot of us are technical and might be able to give you a hand without 10p a minute.

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3 responses to “The mole comes out of the hole

  1. thanks webmeister,
    and you are right, we can help with these smaller queries and maybe that will help get rid of some of those ques, staff are working really hard at the moment and the ques are one of our major priorities, just the other day i saw a whole host of newbies going through training, so things are in place. i do know that a specific plan has been put in place to increase customer service, train on new and existing error fixes, better access and knowledge of other departments and quicker response times. ….its a rough time at the moment but we are getting there.
    Those in tech support and customer service do get a hard time though, calls about silly stuff do clog the ques and like i said before, it’s sites like this one that enable us to see qhich cracks need filling and that information then filters down to the guys on the front line….we’ve got families too and beleive me, there’s nothing more stressful than an argument that goes no-where….especially if its born out of sheer frustration and dosnt bear any relationship to the original problem.
    keep the comments coming

  2. also, before you sign up for the boradband please read up on it first, had a customer on today who wanted help setting up her service. However she did not even have a computer, please

  3. Heheheehe. Same old eh? Perhaps I should post the minimum spec?

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