Tele2 customer ticked off

You have a phone company, that phone company is purchased. The assumption is that you’ll be notified or have the same package as before. Some sort of grandfathering scheme right? That’s not what happened to Emma:

I was a very happy Tele2 customer. My phone bill was around £7 per month. I phoned abroad a lot and this was the cheapest phone company for me. One day I called my bank to find out the Carphone Warehouse had taken money from my account. As I had never had anything to do with CW I thought my identity had been stolen, and I cancelled the order they had set up. A few weeks later, I picked up my phone to find it cut off and a message from Talktalk saying I had to call them for the line to be reinstated. I had received a bill from them, but never opened it, because it had their logo all over the front and I assumed it was junk mail asking me to join their company for broadband, as it was being promoted everywhere at the time. I opened the bill for £71 for one months’ calls and saw also that the call charge limit was £100, so presumably I had reached this amount.

I cannot say how many days and hours I spent trying to speak to a human at TT. It is painful to me. Turned out that TT had taken over Tele2 and also my account, hence they had my bank account details and I was now signed up with them even though I had never asked for this or been told (other than the bill I received). I said my phone bill had increased by over 1000% and I would never have chosen their awful company. Could this be legal? If I bought something in a shop for £7 every month and then it became £100, I would not buy it. But here I was forced to pay for something I did not ask for. They said my bill should be less. I said well it is not is it. They said I was perhaps on the wrong package. I asked to speak to someone about this. Do you think this was possible? Yeh, right.

Next month, same thing, I had barely used phone but they carried over the ‘invisible’ £30 from last time. I tried to get these cowboys off my phoneline which I pay BT for. Finally they have gone but I have 2 different letters in 2 days from 2 credit companys each wanting payment of the outstanding bill money. This obviously threatens my credit rating, which angers me beyond belief as I consider myself innocent and these people criminals.

I have made so many calls, pressed 1, pressed 2, pressed 4 been cut off… spoken to people in India who cannot help me at all… been refused managers… hung on lines for hours… been called a liar and spoken to as if I am stupid etc etc. The worst thing is that bloody song over and over and over again. They have bought the rights and they are going to use it, over and over…

How is this company allowed to operate? How do we get rid of them?

Is what they do legal?

I will tell anyone I meet in my life to never go near the Carphone Cowboys. Even that song has started to make me twitch like some poor laboratory animal I have been subjected to it so many times.

Darren says yes, what they do is legal. Any advice? Mr. Mole? Talk to Emma

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12 responses to “Tele2 customer ticked off

  1. Yes what they do is legal, because TalkTalk bought out Tele2 they have access to your details. If you do complain they will have the come back that they sent you a welcome pack but you never opened it. They did everything they had to do by writing to you to tell you of the change over it is up to you to open your letters.

  2. did this customer actualy call us when this all started, i would have thought that it could have been sorted at that point, 71 pound call charges?…suerly the calls must have been made?

  3. If Emma had called us we would have been able to put her on the correct plen set up a calling circle and anything alse she wanted to reduce her bills i.e free calls abroad using 18418. emma has actually admitted to not opening her post so not calling talktalk customer services untill she had been with us for over a month.£71 pound of phone calls is possible in a month. If the number show on the bill then they have been called TalkTalk itemised phone bills are 100% accurate as they are checked by Opal and BT. Has Emma sorted this out yet? If she post her account number I can check for her?

  4. i would stay away from posting the account number, wouldnt be a great dpa move, i just fail to see where this complaint started….like you said, if a customer chooses not to open their mail then they cannot argue about changing providers, if bt decided to sell up to talktalk then would customers complain?, i’m sure that this is one of those unnessacary complaints that still could have been resolved by the customer calling….i wouldnt get involved unless the customer starts telling us what the real problem is, if the bill is higher than usual then it will be because of call charges, if they make the calls, they will pay for the calls….if they choose to make more calls with us, then yes./…the bill will be higher, if they make less calls it will be lower?, help me understand this customers complaint….i’m getting confused.

    mole needs a beer

  5. personnally I dont understand the complaint either-in fact TalkTalk actually aren’t in the wrong -its the customer not opening their mail. regarding the DPA/account number thing fair enough but just to let people know there are TalkTalk employees here that do want to help-after all thats what we get paid for isnt it?

  6. absolutely, it’s ok just having a moan but once people are given the opportunity to complain, it then becomes a channel to just complain full stop, it’s like we’re being blamed form just about anything at the moment…..yes we do want to help but people must be more specific about their complaint, stick to the facts and you will find that mr mole and friends will actually help you……diggin

  7. How exactly is the call data checked by BT???

    This is the kind of information that gives TalkTalk support a bad name!

    The calls will be accurate but you cannot say the call data is 100% accurate as there is always a possibility of some kind of fault, The CDR’s are sent from opal to TalkTalk (if carried by CPS) or BT to opal to TalkTalk if carried over BT’s network.

    As all TalkTalk customers will (or should) be using CPS then BT have no influence over the call data and it is down to opal for the accuracy of the billing, BT have nothing to do with it.

  8. come on flanders, opal checks the data 3 times before putting the data on the billing system, that’s why it dosnt show for about 48 hours, i could be wrong but there are so many other factors, such as amstrad emailer phones ( they dial premium rate numbers )

  9. The point i am tring to make inside mole is that BT do not check any calls that have routed via CPS over opals network. Basically why would they??? It is of no interest to BT to ensure that TalkTalk are billing their customers correctly or not.

    Opal will try and route the calls away from BT as much as they can (as it is cheaper) BT will charge opal for however many times the call has to route via their network. Opal have masses over fibre laid all over the country to ensure they can interconnect with as many BT exchanges as possible so that they do not have to route traffic via BT.

    I’m not entirely sure where you are getting the info that the call data is checked 3 times either. To the best of my knowledge the reason the call data does not show for 48 hours is purely down to the fact that it takes this long for the CDR’s to be generated.

    I’m not suggesting that this customers bill is wrong, if there was some kind of fault, then the chances are it would have affected more than one person and all of TalkTalk would be made aware. What i am saying though is that TalkTalk are not perfect and faults do occur therefore it’s impossible to say that the billing data is 100% accurate.

  10. fair comment, it’s not perfect but the point that i was trying to make is that there is nothing that cannot be sorted out, no error that cannot be un-done…it’s just that a lot of stuff that comes through dosnt need to go as far as we are seeing things now. 99% of these issues could be resolved by first line advisors if we all pulled together, the other 1% is 2nd line schtuff…. if people are specific about what they write in this forum then we’ll give specific answers…the original one was just too vague….wast trying to cause an argument…..just frustrated that i can’t help as much as i want to

  11. sorry flanders, i’ve just read the info again—-i though you said that “I”said the calls were checked by bt—-sorry m8, that’s just Horse@@@t…..mole sends his apologies.

  12. Hey had same problem as Emma, however my wife managed to speak to customer services. She complained about the (new) outstanding charges and closed account – They told her they would review the charges and send reply. Now we just received Debt Collector letter claiming money back. I understand they might have bought the “right” or whatever but we never contracted with Talk talk nad there is surely a “grace” period that allow for switching to a different services. Please help.

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