Richard righteously angry about billing

Oh man. Does anyone have any more metal songs with something like ‘same old situation?’ I’m running out of songs.

Message for Oliver and anyone else who is interested. I moved house on June 30th – Numerous letters and e-mails sent to TT from June 26th onwards informing them of this move. To this day I have never received any correspondance from TT acknowledging that I have moved. I did stop my DD to TT as indeed I did for Gas Elec Rates etc etc. I have received collection chases from TT and I have spoken to someone once from TT. My feeling is that I should pay whatever exit charges are due to TT – even the £70 broadband exit charge – but only when I receive a proper TT letter setting it all down. I have never before experienced a company like TT who are just appalling at customer service.

Any advice for Richard?

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