Loannis Loathes Talk Talk

Afternoon guys! Have had a busy day today, sorry I haven’t popped on sooner. Does anyone know where I can get a cleaning kit for an HP Laserjet 5N? Google isn’t helping much.

But here’s the first of a barrage of updates, comments and replies to e-mails:

I was just browsing the net looking for any kind of forums that would offer some advice re the hell I’m going through with that joke of a company called talk talk. I ordered free broadband back in april, never received anything, been ringing customer services every other day – they never answer the phone and when they do they just cut you off. I’ve been through so much stress as I cancelled my internet connection with Wanadoo because talk talk wouldn’t accept my LLU mac code and I’ve been with no broadband internet ever since.

I’ve spoken to so many (Ed: Removed at request of CPW legal department) who can’t even speak (Ed: Removed at request of CPW legal department), let alone grasp the importance of having internet for purposes other than online gaming (anyone else actually use internet for WORK?!)

I’ve been contemplating reporting them to the trading standards but it’s going to be so stressful… I’ve just reached the end of my tether. Anyone had any luck with trading standards?

I’ve been advising everyone I know to stay miles away from this laughing stock of telecoms and get back to BT or any other company who actually have infrastructure, know-how and most importantly… STAFF.

We all hear ya and understand.

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One response to “Loannis Loathes Talk Talk

  1. same as mine.

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