Green Giant not so jolly

I’ve always found that companies are more than happy to take your money but less so to help you get working. Unless you’re the Green Giant.

Hey guys, I don’t what to say. May god bless us and get our money back from these w***** “Talk Sh**”. I was happy with BT till I got fed dial up and looked for something faster. I came across this company called OneTel which eventually became one of TalkTalk companies. I was happy with my 1mg Broadband and got even better when they upgraded my service to 2mg without any further charges. Until this bastard from work who told me that this company called TalkTalk has a very good offer £20.99 a month for 24hrs free phone (National and International) and free up to 8mg broadband, I said woo let go get it. We went to one of their con shop and I got in the trap and that bastard who took me got nothing because he had a n NTL line which is not compatible with their service, now I wish I had that damn line too so they could have decined my application. So I signed the damn contract and payed £30 for connection. Which they took straight away. Phone got switch in 2 week time, that’s OK, but got charged for international because they did not tell me to use their internationl code (18….) whatever! One month gone still no broadband, then they send me a letter saying there a service I supscribed to from my previous phone compmany need to be removed, didn’t have a clue what it was, they said they need the MAC code , again contacted Onetel and e-mailed it to them, 2month and may be 2 week broadband arrived, installation CD useless finally up and running. A few weeks later the bill came £57 what is that for? well said may be the first bill with all the hidden charges, next one did not come, a letter requiring the payment of £41.29 what for where is the bloody bill so I can pay. No bill it was sent to my e-mail to pay online, how am gonna pay online SHOW ME HOW? no link to pay online…….?????? Line got restrictions and no out going calls. I want to pay the bill , follow the instruction , bill is ringing no answer , How the HELL am I going to pay the bloody bill….Some body tell me……..

Can anyone help? Talk to Green Giant

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