Good news everyone!


I have this image of Dunstone as a Mulder-esque figure. When faced with hard evidence that aliens do not exist, he tries to sign them up to Talk Talk. Wait…… nevermind. You get the idea.

Anyway, we’ve had the unusual response of people getting things fixed!

Check out some good news:

From Irene:

Well, yes it has all been a pretty stressful time since 12th August, but going to the highest level paid off, if you’ll pardon the pun! Talktalk have agreed to reimburse me with the £100 it cost to have my computer up and running again after that horrific email and, they have credited me with the cost of the telephone calls during 2 weeks to customer support which amounted to £32.27. I did read their Code of Practice and it does say in there that in accordance with the Data Protection Act, they will not reveal details of their customers. If you were watching BBC Breakfast yesterday, Susanna Reid, that was very bad publicity. The powers that be have assured me that they are actively recruiting in order to provide a better service. I told Charles Dunstone that the active recruitment should have taken place before they launched Talktalk Broadband, thus ensuring that everyone received the appropriate training – they were bound to know they were going to get a huge response to their deal. Unfortunately, Darren, I have read a good deal of their crap and I am stuck with them for another 18 months. During the last 3 days it would appear that everybody at Talktalk were ensuring that I was a satisfied customer, I have had numerous telephone calls and emails – I gave them a pretty rough time! Another aspect of that email is that one of the addressees has undertaken to send me a girlie calendar and a picture of a naked guy with a very large arse climbing a ladder! Do I really want this? No I certainly do not. So, Stewart Green if you are reading this, I have gone public – please desist from sending any more emails to me, and do something useful with your life.

I think I have that e-mail address Irene, want me to post it?

Congratulations though!

And from Liz

Thanks Christopher – everybody I got responses from both Richard Walker and Charles Dunstone this morning – Richard Walker promised to attend to my requests personally. So far I’ve finally got my user name and password for the broadband. Have gone back to BT and have told CPW I want to lose the talk talk service and get my MAC code back. Will keep you guys posted. Christopher, thanks so much. Only took 40 mins on the phone to get this today – better than the weeks I’ve been waiting!

Good start to a bank holiday weekend eh?

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5 responses to “Good news everyone!

  1. I changed from Orange to Talktalk. I found that I could not connect to Orange and so I rang them and they (20 mins 32 secs later) told me the account had been blocked and that I should ring their technical line. 19minutes 47 seconds later ( how I love that music) I was told that my accont had been closed as i had transfered to Talktalk. I rang talk talk ( 2 minutes 3 seconds) and they said that Orange should not have disconnected me but my modem was on its way and it would be with me in 2 weeks. Got a bit cross then and asked it my Speedtouch modem would work. They said it might and they gave me my username and password which worked so i am now back on line and enjoying all the benifits so its not all bad

  2. irene, what those people do with your email address is pureley their own choice, you can block emails from specific senders in both outlook/express and also hotmail and many others.

    if yoiu want to know how then please ask

  3. Hi Mole – gosh you are pretty clued up considering you spend most of your time underground!! Obviously keeping your ear to it! Thanks for that advice. I have in fact set up a block, and the lovely Stewart G has now been added! I thought that Charles D would like to see the emails, so sent him copies, something to cheer him up in view of all the flak he’s getting. Haven’t watched BBC Breakfast today – recorded it and will have a look later to see what the latest news is on their mission regarding Talktalk. Oh, by the way, I received a letter from the Chief Executive’s office this morning, unsigned and basically just saying that they are carrying out an investigation. Bye for now

  4. cheers irene, for keeping it clean….unlike some others on this site….
    the email issue has now been resolved, it was a mistake and it did get everyone panicking for a bit but we’re all over it like a mole army in a fresh field…i think charles has had a bad time with the press but he’s got a handle on it, remember that these things are very rare and when something goes wrong, it allows us to put things in place to make sure they dont happen again, before long, there are then no more things that cannot be dealt with… ques are at their lowest today too, things are getting better…
    anyway…worms to eat, let me know if u have any probs

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