Darren dropped us this link. Hooray for the Beeb!

Finally, a news outlet reports on how difficult it is to actually get connected with Talk Talk. For whatever reason, it still remains that it’s a darned drama to get yourself onto the digital world. (For we are living….)

But Susanna couldn’t get connected to Talk Talk’s broadband service. So she called the helpline.

She kept getting cut-off from the free Talk Talk helpline so she tried the broadband technical helpline which costs 10 pence per minute.

Susanna still couldn’t get connected so she called in a computer expert and got the service up and running.

But the problems continued. Susanna found that the service often would not connect and frequently drops out while surfing the net and the problems with the helpline goes on.

Yes! She knows! She knows!

Here’s the Talk Talk statement:

Since Talk Talk pioneered free broadband in April demand has been above and beyond even our own expectations with 476,000 applications by the end of July. Our focus has therefore been to add extra capacity to call centres to cope with the high number of customers switching to our services and we are confident that the changes we have implemented are having a noticeable effect.

We have been mindful of getting the balance right between the fastest possible recruitment and making sure people are fully trained in our call centres. All customers signing-up for free broadband are informed of the waiting time and the date when they will go ‘live’ and in many cases customers have been activated ahead of this date.

We are committed to ensuring that our customers make a smooth and timely transition to free broadband.

Read and watch it here

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