Branson versus Dunstone

I know who my money is on. Dunstone isn’t nearly as cool as Branson. Does he have a fleet of trains with ‘Virgin’ on them? No. Ha!

Virgin mobile is set to compete with the likes of Talk Talk and Sky by offering free broadband to its customers.

The mobile phone operator, together with its sister company, will provide broadband access at no extra cost to customers who sign up to a new SIM card-only contract, which should cost either £15 or £30 per month.

Monsters and Critics

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2 responses to “Branson versus Dunstone

  1. if only it were branson….. it´s bransons name but is the good old ntl (whos service is getting a lot better)

    this is from wikipedia: is an Internet service provider operating in the UK which launched in November 1996. Once a division within the Virgin Group, the ISP is now wholly owned by the telecommunications company NTL. Currently three broadband packages across a range of prices, speeds and download allowances are on offer, plus subscription-based and subscription-free dial-up.

  2. we’re still the cheapest though, it’s bound to have some bugs….we’re gonna get all or most ironed out by christmas…
    that’s pretty official, so watch this space

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