Vicki not victorious

I’m not entirely sure that Sartre was right. His definition of hell was from a time before technology came to lure us in with its siren song, only to repeatedly beat us over the head with our own limbs. I think we should re-write the tale to say something like

‘Hell is… Talk Talk!’

talktalk is a joke,i have had enough of their rubbish service and i feel sorry for the people that work there as do i for the customers. i have had to cancel my direct debit and am refusing to pay my bill. i will be getting legal advice as i do not want a bad credit rating. I have tried on countless occasions to cancel only to be told i will receive a 70 pound fee. My bills are equaling more then they did with BT and i get talktak bills monthly as an oppose to quartely.The broadband is even worse…it cuts off when using it and then does not reconnect. anyone got any advice on where to go with this. I was told i would receive broadband in june and i applied in april….so icontinued using my dial up which has cost well over 100 pound (this is through july and august) when i still had not received the service….now im not a professional but surely i should not have to pay this but im being told i will not be refunded. (or the bill cancelled). Ive come to the end of my tether but i will not give up on this.any help willl be appreciated

Can anyone help Vicki?

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One response to “Vicki not victorious

    talktalk on BBC – Charly – thought he´d look better then that didn´t have time to comment – I guess it is time for him to leave TALKTALK and the carphonewarehouse…?
    vicky, a tip for you – try but write very polite and short and detail exactly what problems you have, threaten to take them to the small claims court, keep my fingers crossed for you

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