The balanced view?

All of the below sounds pretty rosey? Tell me, have any of you lot tried to get through to Talk Talk over the last week or so? How did it go?

Okay, talktalk havesome problems but how about BT?

Now a revised bill for the period ending 11th August! It was transfered to Talktalk on the 18th July!

Idiots are all around us. Personally I have sorted all my problems with Talktalk though I have had some dropped connections for no reason at all.

A problem with their pop3 email and web mail got a response with a different server to connect to to enable me to access whilst I am away from my main computer.

Plus I heard a story on Radio Bristol a week or so ago about a newspaper stating tha Talktalk came second in their list of ‘longest time to talk to a real person’ beneath British Gas. (On that I have still to hear back from BG regards missing online electrci bills and unable to access online bills when they are ready…..some service. Here is your bill but you cannot see it, um yes!).

Radio Bristol decide to give it a go. Got through first time to the inevitable electronic voice, pressed the required buttons and one ring later ‘Talktalk customer services….’ Yes a real person. I also am now getting through pretty quickly.

I get good download times sometimes up to 1.12 mbps on a 1mb line. Email can be a little slow but all in all they have improved.

I am sorry others are having problems, perhaps I am just lucky at this time (oh yes complained about the invoice fee being charged over this screwed up D/D and they refunded it too). However, I am noticing like most things that only the bad publicity gets published.

Well, part of the reason this site was set up in the first place is the complete lack of information about how bad Talk Talk was that was available. I was infuriated, red faced, ready to pop like one of those black currants on the Ribena ads when I discovered. Subsequently I felt a bit misled. To read a lot of things recently you’d think that Talk Talk had dug up the Holy Grail and handed it to consumers. Hardly the case.

But, maybe things are getting better? Can anyone confirm?

Talk to Dave. (On my original enraged post!)

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