Talk Talk gave Bluesy the blues

In my mind I have a plan for a FAQ/issues page because of the repeat nature of the complaints. Bluesy can verify!

Blimey James, sounds like you have been in my house since April with my exact Talk Talk problems….signed up in May, waited n waited, I then phoned to be told I had cancelled it.. eerrrrr uh?! I did?? ok start over, still no change except my caller display vanished. this since June and still vanished, assured would be back in 10 days and to be patient GRRRRRRR …… .ok (btw still waiting for BB, had three dates given and I give up) guess what, couldnt activate phone line as I now have two accounts running? ok cancel one…no make that two, start over, ok third time lucky (fingers crossed, now having deep reservations here, teething problems maybe?) guess what, I now seem to have the original account, you know the one that was cancelled by me (?) or somebody but they cant tell me who, sure as hell wasnt me! Months later…. I telephone back, hello can I have my caller display….oh ! well it seems they have my line from my old supplier for sure, but……they dont know who has my actual call costs….well my old supplier doesnt, and TT doesnt and BT dont, she said I am in limbo somewhere, (with profuse apologies) so who the heck does have them?? Oh and a member of their staff told me not to take any notice of their TT website as its never correct anyways, oh I said such faith and loyality there….and yes the long long wait to get through to the customer services, tried for a whole month now, given up and when you did get through, they cut you off….call you back, dont be daft, helpful…..when?

To quote you James…………Haven’t I suffered enough. Final word – UNACCEPTABLE. I’ve switched back to BT now and am happy – they can be bothered to treat their customers well and train their staff……. I went back to BT this morning I would rather pay the extra for civil, helpful staff, good back up and a good service !!!

Nice to know you’re happy Bluesy, even if it is with someone else. What would Dierdre say?

Talk to Bluesy

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2 responses to “Talk Talk gave Bluesy the blues

  1. Come back did ya? I’m warning you now, play nice!


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